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CKay Love Nwantiti Remix

Afropop is a blend of music made in Africa by fusing Africa percussion styles to synthesized electronic beat loops. Mariachi on the other hand is a Latino kind of music that is dominated with string and horn instrument. In recent times Nigerian Afropop stars develop a sound which is influenced by Afrobeats shekere and blends with Caribbean snare and Igbo ponpon wood instrument. This sound is popularly regarded as the alternate sound. A blend of Nigerian and Mexican/Colombian sound flavor. This sound has made stars like Fire Boy DML, Omah Lay, Joe Boy, Mr Eazi, Wizkid and Ckay to create street buzzing hits.

Many people who are not conversant to sound will not see the relationship between the Nigerian Alternate sound and Mariachi music. But if anyone have listened to the Chocolate city and Warner music group artist Chukwuka Ekweani aka CKay, then you might just have a better knowledge than what they know now.

 African music are made clearly with handpicked lead electronic guitar sound. Which gives it this rhythmic flair. Most of the high-life music made by the likes of Osita Osadebe and the Oriental Brothers were all made with this freedom of string instrument. In most latino music, this flair is also present but the brand of guitar is different. While Nigerians use the electronic guitars, the Latinos use the Acoustic and charango guitars to create their music. What CKay and his producer did was to use the flair of the Latino to create the beat of this song.

CKay Love Nwantiti Remix

When the original version of the song was released, it was clear that the only African characteristics of the beat was the wood poppon sound and the shekere. The rhythmic keys where all of Latino origin. It sounded like a music that a person having a nice time out in the beach of Miami would gladly grind his or her waist line to. But to bring the sound home to not just Nigerians but to countries like Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba and others, CKay made a Spanish version.

Working with De La Ghetto on the song was a right step in the right direction because it would give Ckay  much needed international recognition. From history of music made by musicians of Latino origin, it can be argued that they are predominantly love music makers. Hence a large population of the population will appreciate the song.

CKay Love Nwantiti RemixThe song is a simple love song that talks about the kind of mood and feeling a lady gives to her man. CKay who sings from the perspective of a guy who is blown away by the love and style of a certain lady, uses some metaphors to praise her effect on him. The song which opens up with a list of ways that his lover affects his life. He talks about having a high temperature whenever she is not with him. He alleges that he would die if she breaks up with him. Equating her with oxygen, he claims she is the one he needs to stay alive daily. Claiming that he is obsessed with her he beg her to give him little dose of love for survival. He finishes off his verse by claiming that her loves makes him want to sing in undefined language.

As for the Spanish part of the music, we are sorry we do not have a Spanish interpreter in our HQ.

CKay Love Nwantiti Remix

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