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Have you ever asked your son or daughter what he wants to be in life and his or her answers: I want to be a grocery shop attendant or owner? I believe your answer is going to be “no” in capital letters. However in times like this, we learn about ourselves more and the true essence of living. Corona Virus aka COVID-19 is giving us all a reality check. The world now understands that we are nothing without life and health. The fear of corona virus has made every human on earth run into hiding with their tail in between their legs. The rich and the poor have been humbled by the fear of loosing breath and getting sick. Every nation on earth have abandoned their various enemies to face one enemy. Corona Virus have become the only superstar talked about now with pop stars thrown into the solitary confinement of their homes.

With the instability in world, things could have gone worse if some jobs were never in existence. The providers of these services at the beginning of this year would have never agreed that they will become the real heroes now. These are individuals that many people will gladly disrespect of disobey prior to this time. A lot of people on this type of jobs even look down on themselves because of the quantity and quality of pay packet they take home. While some have always felt that they have been under appreciated. With the coming of COVID-19, we have come to call these jobs essential commodities and services providers. These individuals are the new heroes. They are not strapped with armor but they are sure fighting for our good. Below are some of those essential job owners:

Medical Practitioners

Top of this list are everybody involved in providing medical service. From the bio-scientist working on getting a vaccine for the virus to the small medicine stores in the hood. Every one of these medically inclined workers have been putting their lives on the line in recent months. Just like Hollywood heroes, they have been strategizing, sweating and combating this virus on different fronts. They have become the torch bearers and carriers of the hope of everyone in the world. Fearless as any hero can be and selfless in carrying out their activities.

Grocery shop Owners and Attendant

A lot of countries have activated a lockdown but small grocery shops are not on lockdown. This is because in as much as many people have to stay away from getting infected, they have to eat. Grocery shop owners and attendants have overnight become heroes. They have been risking their lives trying to provide us with that bottle of milk, vegatbles and any other things humans need. They have the keys to our stomach and wellbeing.

Power providers

Electricity and other source of energy have always been an essential part of human life. We have always thought power was only needed for work to be done. We have however with time spent indoors come to appreciate that power is needed even when we are doing nothing.

Information and Communications providers

Staying at home would have been worse without the presence of TVs, Radios and social media. The providers of these services expose their selves to the virus because they have to let everyone feel comfortable, connected and informed of the situations at hand. Unlike many who have been using the time to rest; most media men and women are awake at work. They put their life in the line just like any other Hollywood hero.

Security and Fire Service men and women

Living in a third world country like Nigeria has made me dislike the police. But in a time such as this, I have changed my opinion. These gentlemen and Ladies of the police force have been patrolling the street trying to keep people away from each other. They are carrying out these services by exposing themselves and could possibly get infected.

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