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2020 for many person was supposed to be a year of breaking the edge and winning but it turns out the year had it’s own plan. It’s just the third month in the year and the world is almost on a stand still because of the Corona Virus also known as COVID-19. Prior to this global pandemic, the world was working like a well oiled machine with everyone contributing his or own quota to its growth and destruction. Work, religion and fun was the essence of life but Corona Virus have become a direct enemy.

With deaths in the street and a shotdown of activities in the world, people have started seeking for new ways to do things using technology. Just like cockroaches, humans are learning to live in the life that 2020 is presenting them with. Human life style have been affected by this pandemic but people are getting better at what they do but doing it in a different way. Technology has shown in this times that its one of the world’s most priced asset. Below are ways that people are leveling up with technology.

Working from Home

Office computer technology came into the world in the 20th century and has become a major part of official lifestyle. For the past two decades, the world have not experienced a situation where office technology had to be extensively used. Fusing office technology and Internet service has created a platform where people can share and process documents in the comfort of their home. Thus reducing the effect of COVID-19 on office lifestyle


Students of different levels of education have all been on complusry holiday since this deadly pandemic started. However people have spent more time with their phone and other gadgets. People have resorted to using their devices to upgrade their education. Webinars, e-books and CBT-test have all taken center stage in the way people aquire eduction. This has in no doubt reduced the effect of being out of school for so long.

Online concerts

Many music concerts and shows have all been cancelled because of the social distancing rule of this season. To the entertainment world, this is a major blow. However with the world changing, people, shows and concert promoters have found a way to exploit the situation. Checking through, promoters have lined up events that will be streamed live throughout the world. This curbs the effect of the lockdown. Although one can argue that the experience will not feel the same but the truth is half bread is way better than none.

Online Religious Service

Religion is a major part of human existence. A large population of humans all look forward to fellowships in various religious circles. With the COVID-19 taking a center stage in the world, people have been instructed to stay away from large density worship gathering. This poses a great problem but just like in the previous gifts of technology; it has got humans covered. Most churches, Mosque and other religious outfits have all gone digital sharing life podcast of fellowships. This allows their Church members to be able to access their maker through technology. Thereby giving humans another win in this dark times.

In summary, we all agree that the world is in dark times especially with the deaths and sick people. Trying to pick a positive from this times can be very hard but we can not argue the fact that it would have been worse without technology. So let us be thankful for technology.

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