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Crayon’s “Trenches to Triumph” Album: A Mid-Level Assessment

Crayon's Trenches to Triumph Album A Mid-Level Assessment

Crayon, the talented artist signed under Mavin Records, recently unveiled his debut LP album titled “Trenches to Triumph.” I anticipated and hoped to witness Crayon’s growth and artistic evolution. However, the album left me with mixed feelings, positioning itself as a mid-level release. In this review, I’ll dissect the album’s key aspects, from its thematic coherence to standout tracks and collaboration choices.

Embodying the Journey: “Trenches to Triumph”

The album’s title, “Trenches to Triumph,” perfectly encapsulates its lyrical essence. The opening track, “Calvary Kid,” sets the tone by narrating Crayon’s journey through life’s toughest challenges, emerging victorious with the support of his faith.

Exploring Life’s Struggles and Victories: “Trench Kid” ft. Oxlade

The thematic thread continues in “Trench Kid,” a standout track featuring Afrobeats star Oxlade. Crayon’s poetic craftsmanship shines through metaphors like “I was a broken crayon but I still dey color,” symbolizing his perseverance amid limitations. While this track is one of Crayon’s finest, the excessive reliance on collaborations raises questions about his ability to create a timeless solo classic.

Love, Blessings, and Collaborations: “Ngozi” ft. Arya Star

In “Ngozi,” Crayon collaborates with label mate Arya Star to explore a love interest that’s perceived as a blessing. The song highlights the desire to be influenced positively by love. However, the recurring theme of collaborations raises concerns about Crayon’s individual creative strength.

Satisfaction in Love: “Belle Full” ft. Victony

Featuring Victony, “Belle Full” delves into being contented by the love of a single partner. The distinct horn pad-led beat gives the track a unique charm. However, it’s essential to address the album’s overwhelming reliance on guest features, overshadowing Crayon’s solo potential.

Collaborative Conundrum: A Missed Hit and Dancing Through Life

One major drawback of the album is the surplus of guest appearances. Tracks like “Modupe” struggle to shine amidst star-studded features. “Good Day,” blending Afrobeats with Fuji influences, could have been vibrant, but its potential impact was diluted by the album’s pervasive collaboration pattern.

Conclusion: Reflecting on “Trenches to Triumph”

In conclusion, Crayon’s “Trenches to Triumph” is a mid-level album that attempts to narrate his journey from challenges to success. While some tracks shine, such as “Trench Kid” and “Belle Full,” the album’s overreliance on collaborations masks Crayon’s potential for creating solo classics. “Modupe” and “Good Day” are tracks that could have soared with more focused attention. As Crayon’s first LP album, “Trenches to Triumph” hints at growth but leaves room for a more independent and impactful musical exploration in the future.


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