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The time is about four O’clock in the morning and I have been listening to the songs produced by this man and they are all epic. This man has produced music for some of the greatest people I have ever been privileged to listen to: from Ashanti, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Patti LaBelle, Brandy, Aaliyah, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Luther Vandross, Jennifer Lopez, Toni Braxton, Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls (Wikipedia, 2018) and the least goes on. I have always thought of music as an art and not many people have the skill and discipline to live the kind of life this man has built for himself. Rodney Jerkins aka Dark Child is an RnB/ HipHop music producer who does music production for a living and has won different accolades which includes the almighty Grammy awards. This man can be called one of the best producers because if you check his Wikipedia page you will be humbled. A family man, raised in a Christian community learnt how to play instruments and music in church. He changed up in his carrier at a particular point and later became one of the greatest producers for an army of artist. Cillacritic was created to bring to the esteemed readers of our blog the access to the people who sit outside the vocal boot creating good beats and making stars. Darkchild is unique for so many things but we going to be looking at few of his musical legacies that he has built in his musical roller coaster ride for over a decade.


I was looking at the caliber of musicians that have stepped into this man’s studio and I am like oh’ my God. The man has all the people I know in the world of RnB that have good voices. I have been in studios and one thing I understand is that artist only go to studios that the producers know how to get the best out of them. This man understood voices and somehow knew how to cook up beat that suit the musician.  In my idea, if you get hired by the above named musician then you must be the best in the recording voices.


I feel when any musician wanted to tell a story with so much drama in the music, he or she goes to Dark child. I was a kid in elementary school when Destiny’s child made the song “say my name say my name”. Darkchild brought that song home with some very good beat. For the brandy and Monica fans, you can remember the song “the boy is mine”. Darkchild brought the drama in that song to life using a lead solo piano sounds and some violins, violas and cellos to drag out a female feud sang about by the two wonderful ladies. Or the song that I ended up making a daily anthem in my first year in college by Justin Bieber and Big Shawn which is as “as long as you love me”. I was always feeling like swimming in that song especially when the intro plays. This man knows how to interpret lyrical drama in sounds that every spoken word always had a way of blending with his beat and sending the right message.


In putting this article together, I had to take a refresher course on his production process. One evident thing is his use of harmonious keys to blow people away. His love for octave orchestral sound always gave the harmony and cinematic effect to all his songs.  You could hear him use a collection of orchestral tunes to harmonize the percussion which he carefully select at any point in time. Listening to all the intros to the songs this great musical guru; all I can point out without fear is that he has ears for sweet and balanced sound. Listen to Whitney Huston’s songs made by this man and you will understand what I mean.


Darkchild has been relevant in the music industry sin 1998 till date producing chart wrecking hit upon hits. That does not come for nothing but by hard work and adapting to the ever changing world of entertainment. He is a person who has had to evolve from cassettes to CDs and to mp3.  From Drum machines to Digital Audio software’s and he has been keeping it Hundred percent.

I took a list of Darkchild’s clients and they are like seventy to eighty Percent women and somehow he has been on very professional level with them all. This man is creative and females flock around talented men like him. He kept all this in check and as remained the same man to his wife and four kids. Super man and a real role model to your professionals in the music industry.

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