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David Guetta and Sia Lets Love Review

The world has been experiencing one of the most unstable years in recent history. 2020 has been that year most people will like to forget in a hurry because of the negative issues. This year has seen nations go after each other as in the case of the United States of America and Iran. It has seen racism at the highest order. It has seen police brutality and finally the mother of them all “Corona Virus”.

In situations like this we all have been taken unaware and the natural nature of human which is survival is often activated. What this entails is that our love capacity is often reduced and replaced with hate and anxiety. What David Guettta creates with the multiple award winner Sia is just what the world needs. Let’s love is a song that reminds everyone to love.

Although the song is a romantic love music, the ending part of the chorus which is used as the intro has a definite message for the world. It tells the world to love and show up for each other to be able to break the obstacle that come their way.

The song which is not the usual David Guetta song that is dominated with lots of EDM and rock music element is a mid tempo disco song that could have two effects at the same time. The song can make one sit down and mediate on the lyrics or can make one dance to the disco sound. It might not sell a lot of records but the message behind the song is a classic one.

The song is an unusual song because although it was produced with two verse, the lyrics of the first and second verse are the same. Although it can be regarded as laziness on the part of Sia and David Guetta, the truth is that the song does not need much. Sia has sang over ten global hit songs which makes writing two verses, a bridge and hook for a song child’s play. But this song does not need many words to make it thick.

Songs like this are used for conventions and rallies. Just like Champions which was sang by Queen the music band, this song is about how easy people can sing along. Because the lyrical content of the song can lift unity amongst people.


Sia uses the song to tell a lover to allow themselves love each other freely with definite proofs of love. She opens the song by declaring that she will never leave his side because standing beside him is enough. Giving him a guarantee of her love, she state that he can count on her to show up for him whenever he wants her to show up for him. She tells him that as long as he shows love and support for her just like she does for him, that she will always repay the love with same loyalty.

The Chorus has Sia sing to her lover to take her hands so they can work as a team. She assures him that the problems that they are confronted with will pass just like the old problems they have faced to together. She declares that as long as they are together that they will get through any hurdles that come their way. She also assures him that it is safe to go through life with her. Sia tells him that they will get through any obstacle together because of the mutual loyalty between themselves. She finishes off the song by asking him to allow them love their selves. In other worlds: Let’s love ourselves as a unit.

David Guetta and Sia Lets Love Review

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