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David Guetta is one of the most sort after DJs of American music industry and he is special. Guetta over the past years has perfected the brand of music that he makes and the type of artist that he features. However there is a twist in this song which he features Bebe Rexha and J Blavin. Guetta is known for his string dominated sounds; especially if you have listened to the songs he featured Sia and Nicki Minaj respectively. He makes songs that the octaves are not made with patterns made form a piano sounds but of pure string sounds. Even the Mastering of these songs are made with lots of volumes given to the mid keys of the mixer which generally increases the colour, diffusion and resonance of the sound. In this David Guetta Say my name song, he goes against his sequencing and production principle.

This love song has a more relaxed musical atmosphere with the sound sounding like most Caribbean, latino and Afro pop sounds which is synonymous to Africa and North America. The message of the song speaks for itself detailing a relationship that is having lots of issues. He made a song that should be promoted in the above named regions of the world because they will appreciate it more. This song falls in same categories with the  Sia’s song which she features Sean Paul.


The song open up with a verbal fight verse with Bebe Rexha taking the lead. She accuses her man for not being totally honest with his emotions. She claims that she has been doing her best looking beautiful but all he does is dress up the truth about what he really feels for her. She states that he always gives her lip service by declaring her to be the only one for him. But she laments that she leaves her in the room and runs away. In the pre-chorus she confronts him with the basic question: “If you really love me and if you really want this relationship then stop acting like a stranger and say my name”. She tells him to say her name and show her love because his actions are hurting and breaking her heart.

In the second verse she reveals that she has totally lost confidence in him even when they still share same bed together.  She says that he has too many personality and sides to him that she does not like. He say that she sees dishonor in his eyes but the fact was she has had enough of it and want him to give an explanation. The last verse has J. Blavin singing in Latin on same issue which we are sorry but we don’t have a translator now at cillacritic.


Guetta as stated earlier switched his sound with this song. He started this song with a Caribbean/Latino pon pon wood percussion and a xylophone sound. He does this allowing a base line pattern to slide into the music after the first four bars of music. In the chorus, he gets back a little of his old self by playing an orchestral octave tune but only does it on a grand piano sound. He does that for eight bars without any form of percussion then reintroduces it with a snare and a hat giving it a grove to which any party can get off their feet and dance disregarding that it is a sad story of love.


There is a conflict in interest with the beat and the message of this song. If we are to appreciate and prescribe a video based on the beat then we can say that a party scene should be made for the song. But judging from the fact that the music is a sad story, then we can say an in house quarrel between two lovers should be simulated to give sense to the song. However a video which appreciates the dance feel of this song will be voted for because of the Caribbeans, Africans and Latinos that will listen to this song. These regions of the world will appreciate a groovy video rather than a sad love story.

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