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Davido A Better Time Album Review

Davido, the man have been against because of his recent monotony in sound has leveled up. With Nigerian Music Heavy weight all releasing their Album project this year. Davido has to bring on his A-game. The packaging, titling and sound was put under the lens and there is really nothing one can negatively critic the album.

Working with a league of Nigerian Hit makers, Davido tried to keep his sound African and most importantly Nigerian. The idea of getting recognized by the world is not to get swallowed up by the international market but to influence the international market. Apart from the song which he featured New York lengadry MC “Nas”, all the other songs are African.


Not all songs are Hit songs. Many songs on this album are relatively average but songs like “Holy ground”, “Tanana” and “Jowo” could become hit songs. “On my way” would make people sleep. His work with CKay may just turn out to become a flop. “On my way” be also join the list of flop songs because of the switch in energy and flow. But in all the song which he features Nicki could give this album the golden torch it needs.


One cannot =fault the lyrical theme of the songs in this album. With many of the songs revolving around love tales, there is really no fault to the album. As regards the beats and general production, His work with Speroach, Uba, Fresh, Juls and a host of other music producers which are majorly Nigerians, Davido was able to keep his sound. What he did to add variety is to make the regular Afropop ponpon beats, Afro Juju, Afrohouse and Alternate sound. Although he switches up a little in some songs, he tried to keep the African identity in the songs.


As stated above most of the songs revolves around love music to his love partners. In a song which he calls “Very special”, he uses a ponpon beat music to tell his lover that she is very special to him. The song which is a blend of some fuji elements and trap beat hats, sounds like a traditional Yoruba party jam. “Jowo” is a song that he makes for a fictional Northern Nigerian lady called Amina. “Jowo” which mean “please” is a song that he uses to beg her to accept his love proposal.

Working with multiple BET award winner Onika Maraj aka Nicki Minaj, they made a song titled “Holy Ground’. The song talks about being drawn to just one lady partner just like a Holy ground. The song which produced by Speroach is a blend of rap, singing, Afropop and marching band beats. The creativity that Speroach puts into this song is classic because he does so little but does enough. Working with Multiple award winning Afrobeats queen, Tiwa Savage, they made a song titled “Tanana”. The song which is used to express one’s loyalty to a lover, uses an Afropop catch phrase called Tanana to buttress his love and commitment to his love.

In a switch in sound and lyrical content he made a song titled “I got a friend”. Working with label mate Mayorkun and South African female MC Madjozi they created a nice South African sound. The song which is void of Kicks but dominated by 808 tom drums, has Davido singing about having different friends from all works of life. Also in a song which he features Nas and Hit-Boy they created a song titled “Birthday cake”. The song which is a diversion from the usual sound in the album, he creates a Hiphop sound for a lover. He tells her to get him birthday cakes even though it’s not his birthday.

In summary the album may just become most original Nigerian album from an A-list artiste. Unlike others, this album has more songs that Nigerians and Africans will appreciate.

Davido A Better Time Album Review

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