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Davido So Crazy Review

2020 has been the pandemic year and the year that the biggest Nigerian Music exports are looking to release huge projects. With Davido’s A Better Time album coming out in few days, he released a new single titled “So Crazy”. Davido is a hardworking musician who already has a wonderful fanbase that will propel his music anywhere around the world. He is also a good investor in his talent and at such he has always selected his collaborations his own way.

One significant element of Davido in the years have always been the fact that he makes his features count. From Nasty C to Mafiki Zulu; and from Chris Brown to now Lil Baby-he has always found a ways to use his features to tweak his music. Critics (including cillacritic) have always criticized him for his monotony in sound. But just like always he has used Lil Babay to tweak his genre and sound in this song titled “So crazy”.


The production is a diversion from the regular ponpon sound that Davido have come to almost make a trademark. This song can be categorized as a blend of RnB, Afropop and a little bit of modern Afrocentric rap. The beat has a diluted ponpon beat in it which gives it this Afropop flair in the intro, outro and interlude. But as the song get into the first verse, the song is sequenced as a pure RnB beat. This is evident in the way the percussion, baseline and pad sounds are played.

The Afrocentric rap is evident when Lil Baby voices his verse. What he did was used the popular steady singing rap which have become very popular to lay his lyrics. This gives the song a very limited amount of hiphop and Afropop element while the main sound is RnB.


The song is all about a man who is interested in a lady who is in a weak relationship. In other words Davido and Lil Baby sang from perspective of a man who is lustfully trying to win the heart of a lady who was already in a relationship. Davido uses the song to detail the effect that the lady has on him and laments that that she makes him so crazy.

The song is opened up with a statement of fact to how the lady has been responding to his advances. The lady gave Davido her phone numbers but refused to pick his calls when he called her. So Davido calls her at night and tells her that he knows why she does not want to pick up. Claiming that he understands that she does not want to pick because of her man; he agrees to the fact that it will cause a lot of relationship drama for her. Davido claims that his hearts breaks anytime he calls her and she bounces his calls.  He therefore pleads with her: that he only called this late to see if they could meet up for the weekend. He promised to hold her tight and make her feel alright if she does not fight the urge of being with him.

Lil Baby takes the second verse and flows his lyrics in steady rhymes. He picks off from where Davido left off by claiming that his heart have been breaking. According to him, he has been trying to pull this lady from the man she is with and go away with her on a summer vacation. He however claims that she has been declining the offer which has made him sober and heartbroken for days. He claims that he has been destabilized which has made him make silly mistakes in everything he does. He blames the lady’s  for his lack of focus. He finishes off by telling this lady to make a choice about her life- if she wants to be with him or her weak relationship.

Davido So Crazy Review

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