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One very obvious thing with bad song is that you can’t seem to right a long article about the song. It is always dry because everything you are supposed to write has already been written before on an original work or they are not worth writing about. It is very obvious that the sound virus eating up Runtown has gotten to OBO but his packaging, creativity and money might help him kill the virus like ultraviolet light to cancer. Nwa Baby was released today to the world by David Adedeji Adeleke with nice visuals which goes a long way in telling the story he is trying to convey than the song itself. The visuals of this song is very important to this music because it would have just be just one Davido’s song where he has a music video vixen dance to the ponpon sound. This song lack creativity in terms of lyrical arrangements and fusion because it copies most of the songs David which he has been doing since 2016. It sounds like “I don’t even mind loving you”. The little spice on the lyrics is the use of Akon’s “locked up” line in the song. The sound engineering is also the same old stuff with just a few tweaks as you will read later. I must confess this song does not have a lot to talk about apart from the video.


This song talks about persons loving the wrong persons who you end up getting into trouble all the time. Davido takes the character of a guy who regrets meeting a lady who he thinks he loves but only to be used by her. You can relate with me that sometime we show feelings to the wrong person who ends up putting us in some kind of trouble one time or the other. Davido did not do a good job explaining himself lyrically because he does not explain exactly what this fake lover did and how it went down. But when he used the word, “that sh*t you did was f*cked“, he reveals that the action was real terrible one. He reveals that he got locked up for what she did and that was not cool.  One positivity one can draw from this song is the fact that it has a sing along chorus.


This is kind of becoming a norm for Davido because it has the same sound style like his past three songs. If you are in a praise and worship section in Nigeria, it will be ease to loop all the songs together. It has the use of pon pon sound made with a wood instrument set at high pitch. The slow tempo song has the kick coming in on every seven or eight steps. The conga also comes in periodical ways just like the kick. The Drum rolls used are presets from old jobs; the radio tuning of the equalizer is same sound too. This song has Davido copying Davido from A-Z.


The best thing about this music is the video because it tells a story of a young migrant Nigerian in the USA who falls in love with a female armed Robber. He gets pulled into the robbery business as a driver for the lady enjoying roller coaster life as a lover and an accomplice to crime. They enjoy it for while then the police come looking for this serial armed robber. They run away together but like every true criminal, the lady has to close up loose end which the young Nigerian migrant. Normally she would prefer killing him but because she has some reserved love for him allows him to leave with his life while she zooms off into the horizon. The Nigerian migrant’s problem just get started because he is gotten by the police, got linked to the crime and was deported to Nigeria. J.M films did some very good job working on the video because it is the only creativity that this song has.


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