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Davido’s “Timeless”: A Review of the Album

Davido's "Timeless": A Review of the Album

Davido’s new album, Timeless, has been one of the most anticipated releases of the year. It’s his first project after the loss of his son, Ifeanyi, and many fans were eager to see if he would address his personal life and emotions in his music. However, the album took a different approach, focusing on themes of love, hustle, and living life to the fullest despite haters.

Production and Lyrical Themes

One of the most notable aspects of Timeless is the production and lyrical theme. Davido worked with new producers on this album, moving away from some of the producers he’s worked with in the past. For example, Fresh is notably absent from the project, with producers like Magicsticks on his roster instead. The album is also heavy on Afropop ponpon sounds, which make up around 70% of the beats used. Only three songs on the album, “Goodfather”, Champion” and “Feel,” incorporate Amapiano sounds.

Despite this shift in production, Davido stays true to his signature sound and creates a diverse set of songs. In “Kante,” which features Fave, he sings about the romantic direction his love interest is heading in, with Fave singing from the perspective of the love interest, beckoning Davido to hold her waist because she loves how their love story is headed. In “U,” also known as “Juju,” he features Skepta and the two sing about a love interest who has an influence on the way they behave, making them wonder if they are under the influence of voodoo. In “No Competition,” he works with Asake to create a song about a love interest who doesn’t compare to anyone else because she has zero competition.

Hustle and Living Life Irrespective of Haters

In addition to love, the album also focuses heavily on the themes of the hustle and living life irrespective of haters. Davido opens the album with one of the best songs, “Over Dem,” which talks about being above all his enemies who are hating on him and his hustle. He draws parallels to the biblical story of David and Goliath, stating that just like David, he will always win.

“Precision” is another song that talks about hustle, emphasizing the importance of being focused and precise about one’s goals. According to Davido, only a man with loads of money behaves in a proud way, and he remains humble while chasing his dreams and solving life problems as they come.

“LCND,” or “Legends Can Never Die,” is the only emotional song on the album, where Davido talks about doubling his hustle and money to make those he has lost proud of him. He will continue to flex his success and remain true to himself, knowing that legends can never die.

Possible Hits and Flops

While the album is full of mid-tempo songs that may not turn up a club, several songs have the potential to become hits with the right investments. “Over Dem” and “Kante” are two songs that will likely become hits due to their catchy hooks and relatable themes. “No Competition,” “Juju,” and “Na Money” could also become hits due to the star power of their featured artists, such as Skepta, Angelique Kidjo, and Cavemen. However, “Na Money” could also flop due to its deviation from the album’s overall sound theme.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Timeless is a solid album that showcases Davido’s range as an artist while remaining true to his signature sound. While fans may have been expecting him to address his personal life and emotions in the album, it’s refreshing to see him take a different approach.


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