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Decoding Tekno’s Musical Mindset in ‘The More the Better

Decoding Tekno's Musical Mindset in 'The More the Better

Nigerian musician and music producer, Tekno, has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the music industry. Known for his unique style and production talent, Tekno has evolved into a household name. However, his latest album, “The More the Better,” has generated mixed reviews, sparking a debate about his creative direction and passion for music.

An Album Without a Distinctive Spark

Tekno’s musical journey has been marked by his ability to create something unique and special. Unfortunately, “The More the Better” seems to lack that signature spark. It raises questions about whether Tekno is still as invested in his music career as he once was.

Lackluster Lyrical Strength and Production

One of the album’s glaring weaknesses is its lackluster lyrical content and production quality. It appears as though Tekno may not be putting in the same level of effort into his music, which is reflected in the album’s overall quality.

Exploring Tekno’s Mindset through the Tracks

Twice Shy: In this track, Tekno opens up about his struggles in the music industry, highlighting the betrayals and politics he’s faced. He urges listeners to stay focused and calm despite the challenges they encounter in their own creative pursuits.

The More the Better: Tekno continues with a message of positivity and embracing happiness, even in the face of adversity. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining good mental health and not succumbing to pressure.

Peace of Mind: This song underscores the significance of having peace of mind, a sentiment often overlooked. Tekno acknowledges his mental health struggles and expresses gratitude for overcoming them.

Pocket: Tekno delves into the importance of financial stability, asserting that money brings a vibrant and enjoyable life. He highlights the connection between financial security and peace.

Love Songs with a Twist

While Tekno includes love songs in the album, they primarily focus on finding peace within a love interest. For instance:

Flashing Light: Tekno expresses his joy and companionship in a love interest. He yearns for her love, believing she holds the key to his happiness.

Peppermint: This track describes a lover who strikes the right balance between excitement and tranquility, much like the refreshing sensation of peppermint.

Taking a Stand on Relationships

In “Can’t Chase,” Tekno voices his preference for reciprocity in relationships. He appreciates falling in love but dislikes having to chase a partner or deal with insecurity. He values drama-free relationships that contribute to his peace of mind.


Tekno’s “The More the Better” album reflects a shift in his creative direction, leaving fans and critics questioning his commitment to music. While the album contains tracks that delve into personal struggles, love, and the importance of financial stability and peace, it lacks the distinctive touch that Tekno is known for. Whether this marks a temporary phase or a new chapter in his career remains to be seen, but it undoubtedly sparks discussions about his musical journey.


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