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Have you ever seen a time bomb in real life or in movies? That is what I call fame when I read the news of anybody who is famous but having a hard time dealing with it. Last week was flooded with the stories of Demi Lovato the pop music artist. This lady is famous and successful but she has been in the shackles of drug abuse for some time now. She was rushed to the hospital last week because she relapsed and went unconscious because of drugs. It is no doubt that everyone in his or her dreams wish to be famous one day but in as much as we want to be famous, we should know that fame comes with its ills. You may want to ask why I call fame a ticking time bomb but if you look at the life of Demi you can relate that fame is a bad C4 wired in a very delicate way that can blow you off when not controlled. Fame brings with it like a cake; a good baked flour covered in deadly but sweet icing. If not managed well could drive anyone into shambles. Demi Lovato is not the first person who fame has gotten a better. In fact hers is one of the better stories because she can be saved if only her fans and loved ones show her love and affection in her time of need. Now if you are wondering why fame is a ticking time bomb here are some reasons why:

Famous people are under serious pressure by many people and groups. As a normal human being with no fame we have ourselves pressuring ourselves to become better humans. We also have our family and friends pressurizing us to be better humans and responsible. Dealing with these can be very hard especially when you are trying things out and it is not working. Everyone reading this can relate to it because from the time we had sense to be human; we had to go to school, have good grades, have a great personality, become rich, settle down and so many more. These things accumulate and become pressure for someone who is not famous yet.
Fast forward to a famous person and the person has a whole new level of pressure. The Fans you have pressurize you to get better and keep turning out new entertainment product. The mass media gets on your neck checking every mistake and news that will drop from you and gossip about it. Your manager and production team works on you trying to make you a better and more income generating brand and worst of all you pressurize yourself to remain the person you are before the fame which is even a bigger level of pressure.

Fake People everywhere
I am not famous but I have enjoyed some successes in various stage of my life and I know what it means to have fake people around you. If you not lucky you can even have back stabbers in your niche. Famous people have a very big problem controlling the type and nature of people they have around them. This leads to having a lot fake people who will not add to their life but only fake to add. It gets very bad when you find love with a fake man or a woman. You get into a roller coaster ride with this fake person only to discover later which is very tragic for anybody. This could lead to many other problem which one might have to go rehab for. Fake people are more likely to be found around the famous than the non-famous.

Performance anxiety
There is always a battle in the mind of anybody to do better in their field of work hence there is a level of performance anxiety. We face it every day here at cillacritic. We look up at the number of people who read our post or like our articles. It is just there. For people who are in music like Lovato, there is also a stress in their life. They try to make better hit songs, get rated well on billboard and so on leading to some kind of anxiety. They will like to be in control but sometimes it does not just work. This affects them and they become very anxious which may drive them into so many ill-fated actions.

Let no one judge Demi Lovato because everyone does not have the same strength and capacity to control fame. What anyone around her should do is to make her life comfortable and take her away from the social and mass media. Tell her things she is and what she can be. Reduce the above stated troubles of fame in her life and watch as she blooms like a new flower. Fame is a very bad but good thing that needs to be checked. Her story should inspire all music manager, friends and families of stars and label owners to soft pedal on their stars because they are also human.

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