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Read Divergent Lost Files EP Review while listening to the EP below.

If you have been a good follower of Nigerian music industry, you will know that Adams Ibrahim Adebola who is also known as VJ Adams is a TV personality. Adding a little of hype man Job to his vocation, VJ have kept himself relevant in the music industry. He has been able to carve a niche for himself in the ever growing industry. When anyone calls the name VJ Adams, the first thing that comes to mind “is the soundcity presenter who makes music with stars”. But with his new EP, he sells himself more as a Rapper than a mere hype man. The records are great especially the ones he featured MI and Mz Kizz.

“Divergent” is a good title for an album. That can be heard in the messages and the beats which he made in this EP. Although VJ sells himself as a Rapper, he made songs with three major messages and three different beats. One could have been able to judge this album to be divergent if it was the normal 15track album. But with this EP, one cannot judge effectively. It is fairly okay, but it is made up elements that people are already used to. There is no spectacular sound, message or style in the album. The production is just basic Afropop and Hiphop creations that can be enjoyed on a basic level.


The album is themed on three messages which are: Love, Self-motivation and hustling for the money to earn a living. VJ who spits bars in one of the love song on this album, he shows his skills in a song titled “lowkey”. VJ sings about giving good love to his lover on a low-key without any noise. Stating that she is sweeter than honey, he declares that he will never do anything to hurt his lady. He goes on to use familiar rap rhymes to pass his message with the hiphop beat. “Defender” which is a ponpon Afropop song is another love song. VJ raps about his lover letting him become her defender. Using some East/south African inspired lyrics, he makes a chorus that he raps with. The song is a simple song and easy to learn because the punch lines are popular. A very cheap set of words for a love song.

Working with African Hiphop Rap music heavy weight MI Abaga, VJ went back to his hype man job. He also adds the vocal skills of Nonso to the project which was just epic. MI uses the track titled “My Dream” to tell a story of how he grew from being a starving artist to the number one rapper in Africa. Reminiscing about his low beginning, he talks about always hanging out with VJ Adams and keeping his grind legit. Nonso uses the chorus to declare that there is nobody that can stop him from achieving his dream and becoming big. VJ, Nonso and MI uses this track to admonish people that they can become whatever they dream of provided they keep working hard and believing God.

The last theme of this song which is about hustling for money, VJ made some songs with Yoruba. Working with indigenous Yoruba female Rapper Mz Kizz, they created a song which talks about working hard to make money. Claiming that the world is not ruled by people with two heads, he claims that he must makes more money. Finally working with Skiibii, they created a South African influenced dancehall sound. The song talks about making money to look fly and slay. This is a song that can pull down a dance hall or club.


The production is just basic hiphop, ponpon and South African beats. One beat that stands out is the EP is the track that has MI and Nonso on it. Characterized by a grand piano solo keys and orchestral base and supporting strings, the beat is really dope. This beat does not have 808 bump bass kicks but is made up of well-coordinated cello sounds that gives it this rich vintage sound feel. “My Dream” has the best production in terms of sound, lyrics and arrangements.


This EP is a buzz creating project which it will definitely provide it if well promoted. There are two songs which stands out in this album and they are “Oluwa” and “My Dream”.  These two songs have good messages and will not be digested quickly by people who to listen to it.

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