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DJ Tunez Pami Review:

When power collaborations like the one powered by DJ Tunez for Wizkid, Adekunle Gold and Omah Lay is done, what critics and fans look out for is: who is going to out do the other. “Pami” is a song which is a brand of the popularized ponpon sound is a love song with no real difference from other songs. The only basic difference is in the music is the feature of the three aforementioned stars. Looking at the fan base of these artist, it crystal clear that this song will become a street hit.

However, there is a mistake with the arrangement of the song. Wizkid is a buzz-track making musician. This means that he can turn up a jam from the first verse. That cannot be said of Omah Lay and Adekunle Gold. The last two mentioned artist are musicians who build the intensity of their sound over the cause of a track. This quality of Gold and Omah affected the buzz and turn up quality of “Pami”. Wizkid who opens the song started the song blazing with the best interplay of lyrics and in no time accelerated the song to top party speed.

When Adekunle Gold jumped on the mic, he reduced the tempo of the song. And while Wizkid’s vocals on the chorus tries to boast the flow back to where it was; Omahl Lay kills it even further. Let us imagine that this song was opened by Omah Lay, followed by Adekunle and finished off by Wizkid. It would have been a really complete tack. One can totally understand that Wizkid was trying to play the card he played with “Soco”. When he took the first verse and outshined Spotless, Ceeza Milli and Terri. That approach did not work for him in this song because Adekunle and Omah Lay are already household names and you cannot voice them out.

In summary DJ Tunez should have done better with his vocal arrangement. If the arrangement of the vocals was done well, one will not get tired during the song. What this arrangement did to this song was a direct fall in the ginger as the song plays on. The only reason that “Soco” ruled the world was because Ceeza Milli and Terri are artist who are turn-up musicians like Wizkid. Hence the tempo and energy never died down overtime. Adekunle and Omah Lay are a different kettle of fish.


The music is a love song which DJ Tunez and his small army of singers used to tell their lady to kill them with love. “Pami” which is a Yoruba term which means “Kill me” is used as the Afropop catch word/phrase for this song. Just like Pana, Soco, Ojoro, Joro, Diana and a host of other Afropop catch words, Wizkid uses Pami to tell his lady to have mercy on him and please stay with him. To buttress his love for his lover, Wizkid talks about spending his money, time and love for her. All this he promises to give to her if she stays with him and never leave him. He tells her to kill him with her love and make him act a fool because he is in love with her.

Adekunle Gold switches up with his lyrics. In an exclamation he calls for people to call the cops on his lady. In a metaphoric statement, he claims that he has just been gunned down by the love of his lady. He alleges that effect his lover has on him may make him commit a crime, he begs her to treat him with care and never leave him.

The last verse has Omah Lay tell his own story of being shot with love. Stating that he is overdosed with the love of his lady, he talks about feeling good and at home with his lover. According to him, he does not care about how long he spends with her provided they are in love together. He finishes off by declaring that she cannot kill his vibe with her emotional foul plays.

DJ Tunez Pami

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