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Drake Laugh now Cry later Review

Drake, the only male rapper/singer who can compete with Taylor swift in terms of hits made in modern music-is a ladies man. Drake has been in the music industry for over a decade and a half and his template of success as a modern Afrocentric rapper and singer is his affiliation with female music. By female music I mean music that ladies love. He create rhymes and lyrics that catches the attention of women. He makes songs that make people think he is singing for the ladies when actually he is singing for everybody.

The effect of the feminine sounding lyrics is that it gets him a large fan base of women. Women listen to his songs and as funny as the female folk do not love rap, they love Drake. From hotline Bling, Nice for what, to God’s plan, Drake have always leveraged on his female audience to make hits.

This song titled Laugh now and cry later is actually a diss track against negative critic rappers and because he uses the word “Baby”, he makes it sound like it a song about breakup and heartbreak. Why it is more of a diss than love song is because the verse spit by Lil Durk is a verse filled with lyrics aimed at people that are dissing their brand of music.

Drake’s camouflaged lyrics debuted in the second spot on the Billboard hot 100 singles because of what people think about the song. But if one wants to understand the song, he or she should swap the baby and feminine adjectives in the lyrics and convert them to rappers. The song is cool when you have a in-depth knowledge of what Drake is trying to sell. Although it is hit because of Drake’s fans, I still feel it a decent piece of music.


The song is about the way rappers claim to be tough guys dissing their selves. They pretend to suck up all the verbal punches they throw in diss track in public but go back home to cry. Drake uses this song to tell the world that many of this rappers who diss each other and laugh in public often go home and cry later. Because they are human, they tend to always keep a straight face in public but when they get home, they digest the bad words and many a time, they cry.

Drake Laugh now Cry later Review

The song opens up with Drake taking the chorus. He refers to these haters who diss him as ladies. Addressing them as ladies he states sometimes they cry and laugh. He tells her to slow down the fight against him. In a switch of event he claims that after being mouthy like a lady that he and his crew went to visit the lady but found out that her hood was deserted like a ghost town. Because they were scared of what he (Drake) and his team were planning to do.

The first verse has Drake ask where are all this people who think they can diss anybody and go free. Stating that he is not usually paid enough to react or reply to people who beef him. He throws shots at a rapper who he does not really like who maybe probably dissed him, he declares that he cannot even listen to his works in a club. He claims that anytime he as to reply anybody then it has to be his victory lap because they are not worth the waste of bars. He talks about people claiming he snapped at the club but which was not because he see them attack him.

 Finishing off the verse with a pre chorus, he tries to put himself in their shoes and claim the following. He states that he knows that they are in their house getting all worked up and crazy probably because of their dying careers. He claims to pity them because what they had did not last long. He slides back into the chorus to remind them that just like them; sometimes he laughs and sometimes he cries too.

The second verse is taken by Lil Durk and he goes more direct in his diss of rappers who diss them. Directing his diss to an anonymous rapper, he tells the DJs to never play the songs of the rapper in the club because they do not listen to rats. Stating that some rappers usually claim to be gangstars, he claims that he they are actually from the nets. He also declares that he is not just a rapper just like DaBaby. He claims that he will stretch anybody who crosses his line as a matter of fact.  As for the remaining lyrics, go figure it out for yourself and enjoy the music. Thank you.

Drake Laugh now Cry later Review

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