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Nigeria has been rated as the headquarters of poverty and that is not a good news for people who are citizens of Nigeria which includes me. This development of increased rate of poverty has led to increase in people’s involvement in shady businesses just to make a living and cope with the world. These business include social vices like robbery, Kidnapping, and prostitution. However because prostitution seem to be more presentable when compared to the other two, people tend to never raise real alarm on the issue. As a matter of fact, prostitution has become a multi-million Naira business which has grades and standards. “Aristos” as they are popularly called is the highest class of prostitutes because of their class, education and fee. The girls who belong to the Aristo class of Nigerian Prostitutes charge very high for the pleasure they give and this song-“Drama Queen” explains who they are.

Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel aka Mayorkun who is signed to Davido’s Record label made a special music for these ladies of pleasure in his new album which dropped few days back. This song has a total drift from the usual songs made by Mayorkun and Fresh. They created a new sound which can become a classic if it is promoted well.


Drama Queen opens up with Mayorkun giving a concise but precise information on who an Aristo cheek is. He states that she is a bad Lady who is very clever like a cat. Although he claims this lady is cat, he reveal that she is not a pussy cat that is usually used and dump (guys in the hood will understand). He declares that this lady is very crafty that when she claps, her hands don’t do it. He went further to claim that when such a lady talks about Jazz; he advises that you should not think its a music. The word “Jazz” to many people in Nigerian means black magic. He underlines his story by stating that this lady is a Drama Queen and an “Olosho” (Yoruba word meaning professional Prostitute). He declares that this lady does not care about anything and anybody- breaking people’s heart and dating people old enough to be their father.

In the second verse, The Mayor of Lagos as he claims to be, goes ahead with his lyrical description of these type of ladies. He tell us that these ladies could date his father’s mate and call them baby. He claims these girls are liars and can drive you crazy with the type of lies they tell.  He says these girls are not wife materials because they are not thinking of that. He tells us that they are well educated and even bilingual because they can speak French and English. He calls these ladies Drama Queens or Olosho in some real early and mid-90s rhythm.


Electronic music producer “Fresh” can be said to be the official producer of DMW records judging from the number of tracks he has produced for the members of the record label. His production in recent times has really been boring to me because of the excessive repetition of the popular pon pon sound which Tekno gave to their boss in 2016. However this production was a nice piece and a deviation from the norm. This is a sound that can be traced back to early and mid-90s. The use of Trumpets and classical music keys was just super creative. I could only remember the great James Brown in this music because of the selection of horn and keys instruments. Another element of this beat is the wonderful use of normal drum kit sounds without any form of filter. It gives the song a feel of the 90s when people used to gather in small club or bars dancing to a life soul band. There is also this drama in the use of the keys which makes it sound like a song from a Tom and Jerry movie- creating a form of humor atmosphere in the music. This is a real dope beat for some real dope lyrics.


This video just need a clear illustration of the message of the music. This can be done by telling a story of this set Drama Queen.  It should be hilarious such that anyone one will to watch and listen to it again and again.


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