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Dremo Codename Vol.1 EP Review

Dremo Codename Vol.1 EP

Aboriomoh Femi Raymond, I will say thank God and your ceaseless promotion that made me get this EP. Dremo had some serious time in the studio working on this afrop-Hiphop tune. A rap album with what the people want. This is a popular demand album especially for the rap hiphop mainstream of Nigeria and Africa. I personally love the song “fan of my fans” because for once, a musician sat down and wrote a song for the people listening to them. I am a big fan of Rap music and Dremo just made me his fan with this EP


This EP cuts across many real messages which every new, upcoming and made artist can relate to. Listening to “Nobody”, I could feel the emotions and pain he could have felt when he felt like a failure when his mama did not really believe in his dreams. I felt that song from the first bar to the last single bar. Listening to “Dapada” which feature fellow label mate Mayokun and the song “faya” he went on to tell stories of how his life has become successful. What really gets me is his flow in pure afrobeat sound and hardcore trap. Although I could relate his vocals and rap style to the sound coming from Ycee, I could still say he is original. His vocals was lit especially in faya. Listening to “kpa” and “Hay ma”, I head good love vibes. Dremo sat down to do an extended play album that anybody can relate with weather a hustler, a lover or a groovy person; he did this mixing good Hiphop vibes and afropop


Talking about his rap style: I could hear elements of Bigsean and Phyno in his song “fan of my fans”. Listen to him say “Blessed” and “releeti” and you will understand what I mean. He went Jay-z style in “nobody” while using MI Jude Abaga’s ever green chorus to flow the song. As I continued listening to him, I could hear elements of the YBNL boss Olamide in his vocals in the second verse of the same song then finally finishing it off with vocals looking like that of Ycee and Dagrin’s “Ya”.

In “faya” he went all beast into the sound eating up the mic and made some real Dremo sound which I could not really relate with anybody’s rap style. Now don’t get me wrong he is not copying other rappers because, his stories are original. If you have listened to the songs you will understand that Dremo did some good job working on this album in terms of telling true stories which people can relate to.

Using five producers to make an EP of nine tracks is some real money and time at work. By this he was able to have lots of variety in his songs. From Ponpon sound in “kpa and “Hay ma” to very nice hiphop trap sounds in “fans of my fans”, “faya” and “breezy”. Benjams produced four of the songs in the album and he has left an imprint in my mind with his productions. Listening to the songs he produced I saw a producer who understood the basic elements of a rap hip-hop beat. I like his selection of instruments which are characterized by heavy metallic baseline well tweaked to carry the rapper when pouring his vocals. He did not also disappoint when he was confronted with ponpon sound song when he produced “hey ma”.


“Nobody”, “faya” and “fans of my fans” will always be in the lips of every rap lover in Nigeria because the stories are nice drive time song that anybody can relate to. These above song will be very good for his international promotion and carrier because they have some real elements. For songs like unbelieva, Kpa and hey ma will give him good strength in Nigerian market because of the sound. Although I feel the song “Hey ma” has more edge to blow more than the others because of the presence of simi. She kills every sound that comes to her. Another song in that pecking other is “fan of my fans” because of the message.
Finally I feel unblieva, bigger meat and breezy are the small songs in this good album. This is not because they are bad but because the others are too up there when it comes to good sound and music.

Dremo Codename Vol.1 EP


Valentine Chiamaka

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