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Ducnan Mighty Boma Review

Duncan Mighty, the self-acclaimed first son Port Harcourt have always been a talented musician con music producer. From his early days in stardom, he has always flexed his muscle as a good story teller and beat producers. In in his new songs titled “Boma”, he created a song which has a rhythm that was inspired by Madonna’s La Isla Bonita.

La Isla Bonita which is a single out of Madonna’s third studio album was a major hit in 1986. The song which is characterized by an interplay of different acoustic guitar has a rich Latino/Spanish flair to it. This mega hit is what inspired Duncan Might in crafting the tune of his lyrics and the rhythm of the strings of his Boma beats. Originally produced by Patrick Leonard, Duncan copied a lot of knowledge from the composition while turning it to a rich Afropop sound. What Duncan does differently was to use Patrick Leonard’s strings, keys and composition and mix Nigerian Afropop ponpon beat. This gives it this African groove and dance quality. Duncan also copies Madonna Lyrical compositions in the lines of the verses of his lyrics. This song might become a hit but is dependent on how much he promotes the song because Duncan is way past his prime in the Nigerian music industry. However, his fans will groove it any day, any time.


The song tells a story of Duncan Mighty’s escapades with a beautiful Niger-Deltan lady called Boma. The song is opened with a rendition of the chorus. Duncan uses the lyrics to express how he feels when he sets his eyes on her. According to him, whenever he sees her, he turns blue. He claims not being able to live without her because she is all he wants.

The first verse has Duncan tell a story of how he met this lady called Boma. According to him, he was driving through a traffic in of the cities in Bayelsa State Nigeria when he saw a beautiful young lady who sells roasted corn. Driven by love at first sight, he approaches the lady and told her his intentions to be her man. Claiming that he was ready to buy up her business and the land she was standing on to win her love, he begs her to accept his request. He finishes off by claiming that she accepted his request and became his lover thanking God for changing her life through Duncan Mighty.

The second verse has Duncan buttresses on why he made up his mind so quick on a delicate matter like marriage to Boma. He opens up the verse by stating that he has been searching for a lady with the qualities that Boma has. In his words, he has always wanted a lady who does not only possess beauty but also has brains. According to him, there are slay queens everywhere in the world and many of them do not know how to navigate life-reiterating that life is up and down. He affirms that a lady like Boma is who he wants to be the mother of his children hence he acted swiftly.

Ducnan Mighty Boma Review

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