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Duro Olowu Fashion Designs

Fashion design have always been an art and science that originated from the quest of man to cover his or her body from weather conditions. Over centuries this art has evolved and in the midst of the 20th century, fashion have diversified. It is not all about covering one’s body from weather elements but also to make a fashions statement.

Michelle Obama Rocking Duro Olowu’s Designs

Modern fashion has always been about wearing clothes that projects the best part of one’s body instead of clothes that cover the fragile parts of one’s bodies. In female fashion for example a lot of people have been drawn to dresses that shows more of a lady’s cleavage. Hence fashion designers have always tried their creative best to create such designs.

However, one designer who does not move with that trend but rather follows the old trend of covering the body is Duro Olowu. The Nigerian-British fashion and art designer have always shown a reserve in his designs. Being a female fashion designer and a man, one would have thought that he would create designs that speaks volumes by working with the good-looking bodies of women. But that is not how Duro operates or seeks to be portray in his art.

Having a long list of clienteles, Duro have always created designs that respects the body of a woman- covering every sensitive parts of a woman but still finds a way to make her look interesting.  Duro who has had the privileged to design clothes for former American First Lady: “Michelle Obama”; have always shown with his works that you do not need to show the cleavage to rock. Going through his virtual gallery both on instagram and other internet platform, there is one major feature that sets him apart from other males who design for women.

Avoidance of skimpy dresses

The easiest way to draw attention to a lady’s body is the design of short dresses. Duro has a direct opposite thought to that. The closet to a short dress that Duro have designed is a knee level skirt. His dresses are always made to cover the whole body of a lady. Furthermore, Duro also does not believing in tight clothing. He rather prefers working on loose clothing. This has made him to design very long and bogus dresses. Instead of creating emphasis with the shortness and tightness of dresses, Duro works more on folding his multicolored-motif fabrics in different patterns.  

This allows his designs to worn almost anywhere. It can be rocked to a party, work, dinner or errands. Because no matter how long one wears the dress, she will always feel relaxed, secure and classy.

Duro Olowu Fashion Designs


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