ENDSARS: A bloody reality show that continues


Nigerian youths protested for about 2 weeks against police brutality. This later metamorphosed to youths seeking a “5for5” agenda to be implemented by the government-which also included revamping the security forces in the country. Not until the night of October 20, when an alleged ROGUE military squad arrived at the largest gathering for the protests at Lekki toll gate, there was peace. But with their arrival and about 12 hours later about 70 persons have died. Leaving the word of Fela Kuti of the military always leaving sorrow, tears and blood a reality.

Just like a reality show, Nigerian have been placed into a series of twist and turns. From a protest against police brutality, ENDSARS has become one of the most interesting reality shows but unlike other reality show, there is nothing exciting about it. You might be wondering why we are regarding it as reality show. Below are the different twists that have surfaced so far.


Just like any movie or reality show, while everything seemed to be normal and stable, there came a twist. On 20 October, an alleged rogue military team unleashed hell on peaceful protesters. Like a war movie, Nigerian soldiers killed Nigerians with the military toys the tax of the Nigerian people bought for them. From AK-47 military grade weapons to heavy machine guns, the Military shot at unharmed youths. The military created a scene of the Middle East in few hours. Many died, many survived, cries everywhere-painting a wonderful war scene in reality.


When the public are bruised, there is bound to be a fight back. Shortly after the killing of Nigerian Youths, a responsive attacked was made by the people. When the people fight, they go against the enemy they see. At that moment, the politicians became an easy prey because everyone blamed them for the situation of events in Nigeria. Properties that belong to or seemed to belong to Politicians became a target. Some politicians were looted and vandalized and some innocent members of the public faced same faith.


Food meant for all is hoarded by Governors while people died for hunger during COVID-19 lockdown

No reality show or tv series is void of drama. In the case ENDSARS, there are some mind blowing drama that has surfaced. Topping the list of bizarre drama is the revelation that COVID-19 palliative made available for the country by both international and domestic contributors was being hoarded by the state governors. While the looting and destruction of properties was going on, just like a gold mine, warehouses storing these palliatives were discovered. This can be said to be quite shocking, painful and amusing because many people died of hunger or resulted to crime during the COVID-19 lockdown period because of hunger. A really bizarre scenario coming from the state government in Nigeria.

Can a king who runs away without his staff be regarded as a king?

The second drama is the invasion of the palace of the Oba of Lagos. At the peak of the bizarre drama is the stealing of the royal staff of Office of the King. As terrible as this sounds, it is quite amusing and funny to know that in modern time that a king can run from his palace without picking what makes him king. One could argue that he does not deserve to be on the throne if he cannot keep one of the sacred elements of the throne safe. A real bizarre event.


A tool that is supposed to be for unity is weaponized with stupid theories

With the situations of Nigerians and ENDSARS, a lot of theories have been unveiled. RELIGIOUS AND TRIBAL BIGOTRY began to take center stage. This timeline does not just tell you what went on within a few weeks but tells us about a tactic which has always been deployed since October 1, 1960.  The number one theory which was DIVIDE AND CONQUER was implemented. The government and some forces started planting evil in the heart of people as regards religion and politics. Within a short while reduced the energy, drive and fight of the people.

What this means is that what happened when the current President Buhari was the head of state in 1983 – 37years ago happened again.  The president can be said to be one banana from the bunch who have used this tactic’. Be it to stop; police brutality, massacring of shia Muslims, bad governance, Boko haram, hunting down of Biafra protesters, the same tactic is deployed to pitch the Hausa man against the Ibo man (North against South).


No one likes a TV shows that does not have a definite ending. The ENDSAR protest which has been bloody and drama filled cannot come to an end until the people win. The truth is: Nigerians cannot be stronger if a set are willing to watch a NIGERIAN-northerner/southerner die because it does not affect a set. And to pitch the Christian against the Muslim and vice versa. We all have friends and family of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. So eventually, people will catch up and that tactic will become obsolete and maybe then ENDSARS can actually lead to the end of SARS on corridors of affairs in Nigeria.



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"A graduate from the Ahmadu Bello University. Music tell stories, I started music blogging to serve as a guide to the stories and messages in the music we listen to daily".

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