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Erigga Quarantine Cruise: Nigerian COVID-19 experience in Lyrics

Erigga Quarantine Cruise

Nigeria, a country in the west Africa has over 200million people living in it. And just like every nation on earth, it is also suffering from the global pandemic. Nations around the world have all had their unique problems. For example, in America there have been mass increase in unemployment and careless statements from the white house. While in Nigeria, there are very peculiar problems that they have been dealing with. Erigga who is one of the MCs loved in the ghettos and hoods of Nigeria used this music titled Quarantine Cruise to reveal some of the plight of Nigerians. Erigga is creative and even if you do not understand the Nigeria Pigin Language then pay close attention in the message section of this article.


The song opens up with an interview of a Nigerian Citizen talking on the state of the nation. He declares that the masses are disappointed at the Nigerian Government for the way they have been handling the corona Virus. He also adds that it is better for corona virus to kill people than for people to die of hunger. Erigga begins his first verse by lamenting and using the F-word on COVID-19. Stating that he is tired to stay at home, he unveils the fact that if there was no corona virus he would have been in Turkey smoking. Adding that he would have also had several trips to United Arab emirate catching fun with fast sport cars.

In a lash out against churches in Nigeria, he ask the churches for a refund of his offerings. Asking why the churches have refused to come to the aid of people, he gives them the example of Jesus Christ feeding 5000 men. In his words, the people are not even as large as that number Jesus Christ fed, hence they should be able to give people relief palliatives like money, rice and beans.

In switch of discussion he goes after what people have degraded to because of the pandemic. Siting an example of Christian sister he knows very well, he claims to have seen her twerking life on the internet. According to him, people have been involving in this ill twerking challenge even boys. He states that side chicks who live their life off married men have started feeling the impact of the lockdown. Adding that the youths getting aggressively involved pornography because of idleness, he calls out China for releasing such deadly virus into the world.

Erigga Quarantine Cruise

The Chorus has Erigga rap about giving a call to the president of Nigeria. He asks him how he is and acknowledges the fact that he loves his people. Telling him to distribute palliatives to citizens, he tells him that people are hungry. According to him, Corona Virus may kill people but hunger is causing a bigger damage in the country.

The second verse has Erigga lash out at his collegues in the industry. He claims that they have refused to accept and say the truth. In a savagery comment on the Government of Nigeria, begging for supports from individuals on twitter, Erigga asks Nigerian why they won’t beg.

Taking a swipe at the security personnel, he states that they have been stopping people from going about their business. Continuing, he claims that even with the force men hanging around everywhere, that people are still been killed on daily basis. Addressing the acclaimed distribution of relief packages, he claims it is like Photoshop because it is only seen on the internet. He claim no person have been given the relief materials because they have not been giving it to them.


Erigga is a hardcore rapper who feel comfortable in slow boom-box beat. This beat is a usual hiphop beat with kicks and snare. The only tweak in the song is the introduction of Afrobeat shekere which replaces the hi-hats. Apart from the shekere every other element of the beat sounds western. The rhythmic keys is played with a regular grand piano which aids good meditation.

Erigga Quarantine Cruise


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