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Rap music, Rhythm and poetry was built on the foundation of storytelling. Stories were tweaked into rhymes so that people could absorb them over a period of time. What it means is that one may not understand a song on a first listen but can surely get to love the song over time. One of the popular type of lyrics that is usually rolled out in Rap music are autobiographic Lyrics. These lyrics allowed Rappers talk about their life experiences in rhymed lyrics. Eternal Atake which is an album made by Symere Woods (aka Lil Uzi Vert) is one album that obey the rule of rhythm and poetry but lacks weight lyrically. His autobiographic lyrics are all based on money and women. With repeated use of steady rhymes in mumbles. Lil Uzi Vert did not really deliver a good lyrically strong album.

Eternal Atake is an album that the club is going to vibe very well to but won’t be listened to in five months because of the shallow massage. Although there are some love songs in this album, people will always choose albums that have better love messages.


This is an autobiographic lyrical album theme on money and women. “Baby Pluto” which opens the album talks about money and living big. He talks about the cars he bought and parties he plans to have while talking about his effect on ladies (even the ones that have spouse). “Bigger than Life” is another song that talks about the money he has made and all the craziness he said in “Baby Pluto”.

In a song titled “P2”, he talks about a lady who gets the wrong ideas about love with him. Talking about how he was not given attention when he was broke, he claims the lady started catching feeling now that he has made money. He declares that all the love they made was some kind of payback because he was messing with her head. He tells her that he loved her at a particular time, but claims all he wanted now was sex and nothing real. “Burst me” is a song that talks about betrayals from ladies. He raps about being deceived by a lady who was double dating.

The album is shallow lyrically because he keep repeating lines. A totally waste of ones listening ear. There is nothing to pick from this song lyrically. All he sings about is the money he has, ladies he has or will have sex with and money. Repeating a whole circle of lyrical nonsense.


This album is a trap music album that I must applaud for the transitions and use of different patterns from saw sounds in “futsal shuffle 2020” to the cinematic sound used in “Baby Pluto”. One can attribute the high streaming rate and commercial sales of this album to the beat.

Mumble Rap music will be nothing without good production. The vibe of this album is the only major positive of this work of art. That is why when a better song with a better beat appears, it is going to go into extinction. Many beats in this album will get lots of people bouncing on the dance floor. For example “celebration station”. This was made possible because of the attention given to the transitions and type of patterns made.


This album is already a hit based on the sales statistics but in terms of becoming a classic- that is another story. Songs become classics when all the right ingredients are complete. This album lacks the most important ingredient of a rap album which is a message. Eternal Atake has nothing eternal about it. It is an album that will circulate like a smoke and blow away.

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