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“Ex Convict” by Shallipopi: A Controversial Celebration of Freedom and Illicit Pursuits

Ex Convict by Shallipopi A Controversial Celebration of Freedom and Illicit Pursuits -1

“Ex Convict” by Shallipopi: A Controversial Celebration of Freedom and Illicit Pursuits

Introduction: “Ex Convict” by Shallipopi is a highly controversial track that reflects the experiences and mindset of an upcoming Nigerian rap artist who recently served a prison sentence for alleged involvement in internet fraud. The song showcases Shallipopi’s unapologetic celebration of his newfound freedom, as well as his willingness to embrace his criminal past. With its energetic amapiano beat and bold lyrics, “Ex Convict” aims to captivate listeners while blurring the lines between art and criminality.

The Party Atmosphere:

From the moment the song begins, Shallipopi establishes a high-energy atmosphere, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a carefree, party-like experience. The infectious amapiano beat sets the stage for a dynamic and lively track that demands attention. Shallipopi’s charismatic delivery and catchy hooks contribute to the overall exuberant tone of the song, making it difficult to resist nodding along and getting caught up in the rhythm.

Glorification of Criminal Activities:

While some may find the lyrical content of “Ex Convict” controversial, it undeniably highlights Shallipopi’s unapologetic embrace of his criminal past. He glorifies the fraudulent activities that led to his imprisonment, referring to his associates as “Elon Musk boys” and boasting about their illegal endeavors. It’s important to note that the song doesn’t encourage or condone criminal behavior but rather serves as a braggadocious portrayal of Shallipopi’s experiences and the underground world he was a part of.

Themes of Payback and Karma:

Shallipopi acknowledges the consequences of his actions by emphasizing the notion of payback and karma. He mentions the importance of settling his debts and repaying those he owes money to, suggesting that even in the world of fraud, there are consequences that demand restitution. This recognition of accountability adds a layer of complexity to the song, as Shallipopi hints at a sense of morality despite his involvement in illicit activities.

Sexual Encounter and Power Dynamics:

One notable aspect of “Ex Convict” is Shallipopi’s explicit description of a sexual encounter. He compares his prowess in bed to a skilled driver showing off with a luxury Benz car, using the phrase “dey bend am” to symbolize his performance. This explicit reference adds a provocative element to the song, emphasizing Shallipopi’s desire to assert his dominance and make up for the sexual deprivation he experienced during his time in prison.

Praise for Fellow Ex-Convicts:

Throughout the track, Shallipopi acknowledges and praises his fellow ex-convicts who have faced similar consequences for their criminal activities. He creates a sense of camaraderie among those who have gone through the legal system, portraying them as resilient and proud individuals who have emerged from their ordeals with a newfound sense of identity.


“Ex Convict” by Shallipopi is a bold and controversial track that encapsulates the artist’s journey from imprisonment to reclaiming his identity as a musician. The song’s energetic production, unapologetic lyrics, and celebration of freedom make it a captivating piece of music. However, it’s essential to approach the song with critical thinking, understanding that it represents a specific perspective and doesn’t necessarily condone or promote criminal activities. Shallipopi’s artistic expression reflects a complex interplay between personal experiences, the allure of illicit pursuits, and the consequences of one’s actions.

“Ex Convict” by Shallipopi: A Controversial Celebration of Freedom and Illicit Pursuits


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