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Music was once defined by the great Fela Kuti as a Weapon but fast forward to this 21st century jet age what do you think. I have been seeing this “child of the world” video trends and I am like, “this is pure art and information”. The song is an Afro-Hiphop slow tempo song with lots information for the young, old, depressed, evil mastermind, parent, child and everybody. If you are wondering what it is all about you can just log on to YouTube and watch it.

Folarin Falana is becoming a version of Fela who uses his music as a weapon. Falz has always used his song to send real messages. If you want to know what I mean by him using his music as a weapon then you can listen to “well done sir”, “this is Nigeria” and “child of the world”. He sings about the troubles in the street such as internet frauds, prostitution, police harassment, funny topics in Nigeria and the world. With “child of the world” trending as number one on YouTube, one can relate to the power and debt he is bringing to the world using music as his weapon.


The song tells a story of a young girl with dreams and aspiration who got raped at an early age and got her sex drive switch broken which led her in to a life of prostitution. She lived it with so much pleasure indulging in unprotected sex and lots of abortions. She later finds out that she had Human Immune virus (HIV) and fell into the bad hands of depression. She began to attempt suicide and you can watch the video.


A song characterized by shekere popularly known as shakers to beat makers and producers; is a real tales by moonlight sound. Other evident sound include the use of west African instruments like Talking drum, west African congas, gung and Odum(it is an instrument that sound like a vintage kick). These instruments are flowed in very slow tempo in ponpon patterns. Listening to the lead guitar of this song got me lost in thoughts because it flows well with the background keys, periodical baseline and odum sound. Listening to the sound of the beat with my beatsbydre headset almost drove out the tears in my eyes because the beats marries the story line just like the songs we sang when we were told stories in the village. Everything is perfect wit this song because this is African sound made international.


This is the first time I am hearing of Kemi Adetiba in terms of dope music videos. Being able to crop a seasonal movie storyline in a three minutes song is hard work. The concept although simple had to be thought through over and over again. A very good Nollywood visuals is what we have in this video. Being able to interpret every piece of instrument used by the music producer is one thing that shows that she has her thinking cap on. Simple Nollywood video for a Nollywood kind of storyline.

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