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Falz One Trouser Review

Lagos Nigeria is the biggest business center in Africa and the hub of the good, the bad and the ugly. Living in Lagos just like living in New York City is living in real time drama. From the cooperate world to the street world there is always a funny side to the life people live. In this song made by Falz titled “One Trouser”, he paints a lyrical picture of one the many drama that plays out in regular Lagos traffic.

This is not the first time that Falz has lyrically told different stories about Nigeria.  From “Well done Sir” to the remake of “This is Nigeria”, Falz have always found a comical way to talk about issues as it regards Nigeria. Unlike the other songs which he raps in pure hardcore dominated with punch lines- he makes this a song with modern Afrocentric style. He uses more of singing to lay his lyrics but lays them out in suiting rhymes. The song might go viral because of the hilarious storyline. It is a relatively good jam.


The song is about two men (A rich SUV driver and a Commercial bus driver known as “Danfo”) who got into a heated argument that escalated into a fist fight at a popular area in Lagos called Bode Thomas. According to Falz he was an onlooker to the quarrel that very faithful day. He use his bars to analyses the event as it unfolded.

He opens the song by stating that he saw Mr Jimmy as rich looking man who just bought an SUV with money he won in a lottery, shouting at the top of his voice. According to him, it was not long enough after he was exchanging insults with a Danfo Driver when the situation aggravated into a fist fight between Rich Jimmy and the poor Danfo Driver.  

Unlike in civilized scenario where people come together to separate the fist fight, Falz claims that all the people around the area assumed different position to observe the free street fight show. He finishes off the verse by singing a hook which he declares that a rare event occurred in Bode Thomas, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

The second verse has Falz tell the story from the perspective of the three parties in the Street Fight show. He raps from the perspective of the Rich man Jimmy, the Danfo Driver and an onlooker who was following the situation from the beginning.

Assuming the personality of Mr Jimmy, he asks the Danfo Driver to tell him who is mad man now. Mr. Jimmy asked this question because from all indication, he was winning the fist fight. According to Mr. Jimmy he claimed he was going to fit into same trouser as the Danfo Driver-who did not want to stay humble after bashing his car. He tells the Danfo Driver that he is going to give him a smack down since he does not want to stand down.

Rapping from the perspective of a Danfo Driver who have received some heavy punches to his face, he call people to hold him. He uses this tactics to bring the fight to a halt. According to him, if the onlookers did not come together and separate the fight, he claimed he was going deal with Mr Jimmy. When he noticed that people were not buying his threats and allowed the fight to go on. It donned on him that he was going to get seriously beaten by Mr Jimmy. He suggests that it would be better if they separated them and taken the matter to the police station.

Finally Rapping from the perspective of the onlooker who have been observing the fight, he gives the reason for the fist fight at Bode Thomas. According to the onlooker, he was shocked that a responsible man like Mr Jimmy could be as petty as to fighting a street Danfo Driver in a dirty way like they were seeing. He declares that he has not seen this level of madness.

He goes not narrate how the Danfo driver emerged from an L-Junction without looking and bashed Mr. Jimmy’s new car. According to him, instead of being apologetic about it, the Driver wanted to go street-wise and intimidate Mr. Jimmy. But in direct contrast to what he was expecting, Mr Jimmy went totally local on him. Jimmy made sure he thought the man a lesson that not all rich men are gentle.

Falz One Trouser Review

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