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In 2017 when Ashad was release to the world by DJ Khaled, it was like a hiphop musical hurricane hitting the world. It was one of the few albums that (the old cillacritic) reviewed. It was nothing like what the world has seen before. It was the album that had some of the best living legends in it. It has sounds with good production and personality. It blew the air waves and that album was rocked from side to side by every lover of the hiphop culture. Fast forward to to 2019 and DJ Khaled release the sequel of the Asahd Album which he titles: Father of Asahd. Using the same principle and about seventy percent of the stars he featured in the Asahd album, Khalid has created another master piece. This album gets better with every replay of the album. Although it can’t have the same ratings that Asahd had in terms of hit songs; it can be said to be a more mature version of Asahd. Every piece of music in this album is worth listening to from the Reggae tunes to the trap music. The Carters, Big Sean, Nas, Meek Mill, Jeezy, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, John Legend and many other heavy weights that featured in this album made Khaled another Diamond Platinum album.



  • Ability to manage Egos and Artist Chemistry: What makes Khaled special is his ability to work with the ego of all these A-list musician. His ability to be able to cajole these musical monsters to get into his vocal boot and produce monster vocals like these is just genius. Working with artist who have different timetable, style and ego is always a hard work for any musician or producer. In “Jealous” ; he worked with Chris Brown, Big Sean and Lil Wayne because the Lil Tunechi is a big Artist and he will hardly work with someone he does not understand his chemistry. Khaled proved to be a good musical Lab master and paired the trio together. In the song which had Jeezy and Rick Ross; he was able to fuse two musicians who always talk about money in a special way. He found a way to pair musicians using their strength to his advantage. If music was a sport, Khaled would have won coach of the year.
  • Picking the right beat for the artist: Most Deejays usually understand music and musicians but Khaled does one better. He understands which artist and what kind of beat suits him or her. Listening to “Just us” will make anybody give Khaled toms up for selecting SZA for that song. Her voice and delivery was just perfect for a song which becomes a break song from the usual Rap music in the album. Another song which has a wonderful blend of musician is “You Stay”. The blend of Jeremih, J-Blavin, Meek Mill and Lil Baby was just another master stroke in terms of picking the right artist for the right music.
  • Mastery In production: “Holy Mountain” is a song that has a display of good mastery of Hiphop and Reggae in a whole new level. Deejays around the world could be good in looping sounds but with this song, Khalid showed just how good he was in making music out of different genre and sound. The intro of the song will make you feel like heaven and damnation was just next door. The voices of Buju Banton, Sizzla, Mavado and 070 Shake mixed with the trap/reggae sound just created a rare genre of music.
  • Diversity in Genre but unity in sound: DJ Khaled in his Asahd album used same principle of mixing three basic genres of music namely, Reggae, Trap and Boom Bass. He also diversified his niche by adding some religious tunes. Although Khaled is Muslim, he was able to add a Christian music to his album hence satisfying the thirst of some very religious individuals. Normally with the addition of too many sound in one album, a listener is supposed to have issues flowing with the album but that was not the case with this album. The unity and harmony in sound from the first song to the last is just epic.


“Top off” which features Future and Tha Caters is going to become a street jam especially in black neighborhood. The message and beat is just too groovy to be forgotten backed up by the heavy weights that he teams up with. Holy Mountain and Holy ground are going to be loved in in Caribbean and will get any real music lover in crazy but stable mood. Another possible hit bin this album is “just us”. This is because it is a different sound from the rest and obviously a sing along song. The other song all have the potential of becoming hits because DJ Khaled was not playing in his studio.

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