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Fireboy DML Apollo album Review

Fireboy the YBNL and now Empire music star blew into the music scene after the release of his Laughter tears ad Goosebumps album in 2019. After a year, he has release another album titled “Apollo”. Just like Burnaboy did with his Twice as Tall album, Fireboy made an album with less African flavor. Many will wonder this direction of production and music style, the truth is: music is a business. And for a musician from Africa to sell their song not just on Audiomack but on spotify, they have to make tunes that America and Europe can relate with.

The above reason might be the reason why Nigerian Musicians have been reducing the Afropop and Afrobeats elements in their song. This can be referred to be a business gamble because if the primary audience do not love the songs, how will the international market accept it.

For this album Fireboy provides fans with same delivery, quality in lyrics and production. The places it falls short with Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps is in the Nigerian Originality and song length. Although there are few songs that are Afropop like “Sound” and “Spell”, the album a dominantly an RnB, pop and Blues album. In terms of song length, most of the songs are two minutes plus because of the excessive use of the two verses, three chorus arrangement style. The songs may be listed to be seventeen track but in length it may just be ten tracks long. These short songs have very interesting messages and melody. Pheelz and Fireboy did a very nice job on the album.


Working closely with Pheelz Mr Producer, Fireboy created some songs that could become classics in the heart of people who care to play every track. He uses the album to reflect on his success within the past year. He talks about how he feels and how people feel and react towards him now. He fuses some love stories to explain his relationship with women in his new found lifestyle.

The first song on the album is titled “Champ”. Working with D. Smoke on this song he talks about how he has broken into limelight. He calls himself a legend in making; and also a champion. He calls himself an average boy who used to live in an average street with empty pocket but with a bag of dreams. The song which is an RnB track has D.Smoke tell his own story of becoming a music sensation and finishes off by claiming that his story is just beginning.

Working with the black diamond in the person of Wande Coal, they made a song titled “Spell”. The song which is made with some South African Afro-house sound elements, Fireboy sings about a certain lady who has cast a spell on him with her love. Wande Coal who adds his voice to the song tells his own story of feeling lonely since his lady refused to pick his call. For the review on the songs titled Eli and New York City girl, please click the highlighted letters.

Fireboy DML Apollo album Review

In another song titled “Tattoo”, he sings to his lady to allow him stick to her every time like a tattoo on her body. Claiming that he has a burning desire for her, he claims that water cannot quench the feeling he has for her. The song is made as an RnB vibe but has Trap music elements in it. The beat is dominated by trap snares, hats and 808 bass-kicks.

In a pop song, “Fireboy” dishes a different sound from his archives. He makes a song telling a lady to assume that they are in the 90s and dance to the pop sound. The song finishes off with a Hiphop beat outro showing that Pheelz still has his strong connection to Hiphop. In another song which he uses a Jamaican Dancehall beat, he sings about how he does not fake. He sings about the never changing since he became famous. He claims that many people may misinterpret his style and think he has started faking. He replies them that he does not fake because that is his lifestyle.

Airplane mode is a song that he uses to talks about how he tries to deal with is problem. Claiming that his problems have multiplied in a different way, he states that he puts his phone on airplane mode to keep calls and text away-while he deals with his problems. To know what the other songs are talking about, listen to the songs.


Apart from the songs already released as singles, Spell, Sound, Airplane mode, are songs that could become street hits. All the songs in the album are worth listening to. There are a lot of interesting messages in the songs. Just like his first album, there are no flops. We sincerely hope Nigerians accept this work of art.

Fireboy DML Apollo album Review

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