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FireBoy DML ELI Review

Every generation of musicians always have the joker artist. An artist who can has the quality to become a trans-generational artist. Someone who can make music for any type of mood or season. A person who influences the sound and not the sound influencing him.

In Nigeria, music artist like Asa, 2Baba, Wizkid, MI and now FireBoy DML fall into that category. Many will ask me why I called this very few artist. The truth is there are many artist who are dynamic but most times the beats are what influences their creativity. But the above named artist are people that one can deduce that a lot of work was put into their lyrics. And irrespective of the genre of music, they always have a way of turning out good music. FireBoy DML has so far had one album and two single and in all those songs, he has not given me any reason not to play each and every track. The man is lit lyrically.

Eli is a song that everyone who loves good music will like to vibe to. A real out of the box sound. A song which the beat is different from anything the Nigeria music consumers are used to but with a massive influence.

Shout out has to go to the man with the cool rhythm: Pheelz Mr Producer. He is getting very mature with his sound and has found a way of separating himself from other music producers in Nigeria.


The song is a song that talks about the hypnotizing power of a lady called Dilaila. Using the biblical Samson and Dilaila theme of a bad ass lady who brings men down, Fire boy paints a picture of a beautiful but venomous lady. Mad songs, dope song, lit story.

The song opens up with FireBoyDML stating that she is a viper of a lady. He uses the metaphor to describe a beautiful being who has good looks but venomous in the way she affects people. Stating that she is a belly dancer, he talks about how she appears like a ghost and cast a beauty spell on everyone present.

FireBoy DML ELI Review

The second verse has DML state that the lady is just a lonely girl in a lonely world who needs loving. He emphasizes that just like a ghost the lady appears from no where and hypnotizes him. He goes on to beg the adjoining public to help save him from this goddess of a lady.

The chorus has FireBoyDML call out to God and people around to come to his aid. Exclaiming that her looks and beauty is causing trouble in his area, he begs people to come to his aid and free him from the hypnotic effect if this Dilaila lady.


The beat is a slow dancehall reggae/konto beat which has the FireBoyDML signature Shekere sound underneath. What Pheelz does differently is to reduces the volume of the Shekere to create more emphasis on the dance hall reggae and konto beat.

One unique element of the beat is the use of Chinese flute as the solo rhythm. For people who listen to Yanni classics, he or she will feel the beat at the interludes where the Chinese flute is used to add colour.

One other nice element of the beat is the use of slayers and detuned or deformed pads. The Slayers guitars gave it a rock song feel at the end of the track. While the Detuned or Deformed keys gave it a cinematic feel when blended with the Chinese flute. Pheelz and DML have a really mad chemistry and every song they made are all records.

FireBoy DML ELI Review

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