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Yahoo Boy No Laptop Record label which is popularly known as YBNL has for the past seven years dished out good music. Originally a Rap music label owned and managed by Afropop Rap/singer: Olamide; has served as home to the likes of Lil Kesh, Chinko Eku, Viktor and Adekule Gold having become a fire house for good hit music. With the evolution of music and awareness of more musicians to the money made in music; it has become hard for record labels to keep musicians. Hence there was total sweep of the recording artist in the Label. Although Olamide has had a business model of signing artist for only two years, he has been able to groom most of these unknown cloud musicians into pop stars. FireBoy DML; Jealous singer might just be the new man joining the class of YBNL shining stars.

Business has not been really good with a number of the few twinkling stars that Olamide has invested in. Olamide is a man who understands good music but even more, he knows a song that will have a lot of market influence. He has obviously tried his hands on a few twinkling stars.  Lyta who is one of such stars whom he signed in recent years. He must have performed below par, hence a withdrawn level of investment in him. Lyta could become a big star but judging from the level of quietness in the promotion of his music by the label; has shown that he is not presently making marketable music.

It will be understood that when Olamide signed the first of YBNL twinkling stars; Lil Kesh and Adekule Gold were the only two artist who grew from being twinkling stars to full blown shining Stars. This was because they had good song which could push Olamide to invest in their music and personality. While the above named twinkling stars were taking the music scene by storm, Chinko Eku and Viktor remained twinkling with hit songs and mediocre carrier.  With the ball movement of Lyta’s music, one can speculate that the fate of Chinko and Viktor might be befalling on him. This fact can be backed up by the sudden surge of money into the carrier of FireBoy DML.

FireBoy DML whose original name is Adedamola  Adefolahan has taken the Nigeria musical scene with his Afropop, ponpon sound titled “Jealous”. A musician whose vocal style is epic like popular native high-life Ijaw musicians from south-south Nigeria.  Having a harmonious style that can arguably be on same level with Adekule Gold; could become a good replacement the Oriente singer. This is because unlike Lyta, his promotional song is in Nigerian-Pigin Language which is understood all over Nigeria. Lyta had the diffusion of his song reduced by the excessive use of Yoruba language; hence it only really saturated the south western part of Nigeria. But with FireBoy having a Hit which blends Pigin and few Yoruba words gives perfect launching pad for him to take the world by storm. However, hard work and personal investment in one’s talent will have to come to play because becoming a Lil Kesh or an Adekule Gold means that he has to be ready to release hit back to back; If he must drive the eye, ears and pocket of his boss (Olamide) into investing in him beyond the “Jealous” song. Then he must put in a lot of work in his creativity, lyrics and vocal skills.

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