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Flavour of Africa Album Review

In this year alone two Nigerian Artist have all released albums that had relatively good content but the title of the album killed the vibe of the album. Warriors and Mad in Lagos albums had some of the highest anticipations of the year. But were swept under the carpet quickly by a large chunk of the Nigerian audience because their expectations were not met. The album titles had a focus it created in the minds of people but when it came out it was a total switch off. It was criticized and some quarters even tagged their serious efforts as bad. But that is not the case of Flavour’s Flavour of Africa Album.

Flavour who is widely regarded as the king of modern High-life music was very careful in crafting his album. Although he uses the album creation template that he has been using for his last five albums, Flavour still keeps the album unique. Flavour of Africa album has different African sounds in it- From African folk sound to Makosa, to ponpon beats, Flavour cooked his songs with proper African Flavour.


Working with long time musical ally and personal DJ: MasterKraft, Flavour created a playlist that Africans around the world will appreciate. With inputs from producers and mix engineers like Larry Gaga, Celebobo, and SwapsBeats, he was able to document one of his best projects. We at cillacritic always look out for the attention given to the arrangement of the track list. The first song on the album embodied what the album was all about. It announced the album as a total African album featuring vocals from West, South and East Africa. To create a total pop sound that has African Identity, Flavour created a Playlist that has Odum (bass kicks), bongos, congas, gong, shakers, shekere, strings, wood etc. with very limited attention given to international sound.


The album is lyrically themed on three major topics. They are: The Beauty of Africa, the love, Beauty and endowment of African Woman; and the religious and social life of an African.

In the first song on the album, Flaour sings about the riches of Africa. In the song which he titles “Flavour of Africa”, he sings about the diversity in tribes, colours and cultures. He sings about the nature and how it makes Africa unique. He finishes off the song by declaring that he longs to always stay in Africa. In another song which he projects his own tribe, Flavour sings for the unity of Igbo people. Working with Biggie Igba they created a song titled “UmuIgbo” meaning Children of Igbo. They sing about the unity of his tribe while calling the names of trailblazing Igbo men and women.

Flavour have always been an artist who celebrates the African women and he did that in some love, lust and body appraisal music. “Odoyewu” is a song that he uses to celebrate the love he has for a woman who is endowed with a unique backside. According to him, his paycheck just arrived and he was ready to spend the money with this woman who is an epitome of beauty. “Looking Nyash” is a song that he uses to elaborate on how he got hypnotized by the backside of an African woman.

Working with Central African Makosa maestro: “Fally Ipupa” and self-acclaimed People’s favourite boy: Tekno they created a classy Makosa love song titled “Berna”. Flavour sings for a fictional African lady who is endowed in her backside called Berna. According to him, her beauty makes him want to associate with her. He tells her to dance and move her natural beauty gift for all to see.

In some very classy religious song: Flavour made some real applaudable gospel songs. In a song titled “Omeiheoma” which means “Doer of good things”, Flavour praises God for all has done for him. “Product of Grace” is another gospel song that he uses to thank God for his grace, mercy and love in his life.

Finally in some social life songs he sings about general life issues. Working with popular music producer, Larry Gaga, they made a song titled: “Bestie”. In this song he sings about the credibility of friendship and Stan-ship. From the first song he details how friends becomes enemies when one becomes successful. “Doings” is a song that he features Umu Obiligbo and Nigerian Rapper Phyno. The song details the insatiable quality of humans. According to him, no one can be satisfied so one with money should just live his life.

Flavour of Africa Album Review

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