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French Montana’s Cold Review: Drug dealer stories in Funky beats

French Montana is no doubt one of those music artist who have built a fan castle for himself in the music industry. The world works on one rule of “blowing to the world and the rest is history”. Montana is already a star and sometimes it does not matter what his song is all about. Provided people can vibe to a jam, then he is okay. This French Montana’s Cold single which he features Canadian Rapper, Troy Lanez is one of those songs that hides the message of the song in a funky beat. This song is a total package of street drug life and how a drug dealer lives a reckless life. He made a song that leaves more question than answers because by the end of this song, you might want to ask: “did Montana and Troy really do stuffs like this?” Or it is really a fictional autobiographical lyrics. The beat is a club and street sound that will go really viral if well promoted. The beat sets this song apart because it is groovy and streetwise. It can make someone start dancing with his Afrocentric rap style as Troy adds colours to it.


This song is a fictional autobiographical lyrical song that French Montana uses to paint a picture of the flamboyant but wayward life style he lived as an illicit drugs dealer. French opens the song with a chorus describing his daily ways of life when he was a selling drugs.  Talking about how he wakes up every morning, he sings about the different sex positions that he enjoys with a lady. He talks about leaving his home and going shopping before retiring to his hide out to process cocaine for sale. Finishing of the chorus with a hook, Troy tells a lady to have sex with him like she loves him. And this paints a picture of how he spends his night after working the whole day processing and selling drugs; and buying expensive stuff.

Troy who takes the first verse uses his verse to paint a picture of a female drug addict he once did business with. In his words, this lady was always not able to pay up for her drugs. He claims to always be at her doorstep to ask her to pay for the debt she owed him but the lady always had a reply that was not favourable. Alleging that this lady was always at his door to beg for drugs on higher purchase. Troy declares that this lady had no option but to pay by providing him with free sex. In his words, this lady was always faded and he always took real advantage, working her like she has never been done by her own boyfriend. Troy states that he lived this wild life in Miami and he ended up sleeping with a lot of his illicit drug clients.

The last verse which is taken by French Montana uses his verse to talk about how he used to transport drugs in the streets. He explains how they always hid drugs in books and also had money made from illicit drug sales in his bag. According to him he claimed to always feel cold probably from fear and guilt but never had cold feet because he wanted to live big. He talks about eventually having the cash and taking a lady home and have real erotic exercises with her.


This is a funk beat influence sound. This makes the sound totally dance-able. Unlike the normal funk beat, this beat is made with Trap beat Hi-Hats and snare. The most notable instrument in this beat is the electronic solo guitar. This guitar sound is used as the rhythmic sound of this beat while backed up by a supporting key in the background. To add a bump to it, they used an 808 base kick sound to give it a nice baseline which adds to the groovy funk feel of the beat.

The beat is relatively scanty in terms of sound and patterns used in sequencing it. More attention was given to hiding the strong lyrical content of the song than creating a crowded beat. The fusion of the lyrics into this funky beat will make people dance and never give the hell to what the song is talking about. The beat is a total dance hall package that the street will feel. The beat is really up there at the top with the best beats of 2020. It can performed with the cheapest of band instruments.


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