You all must be familiar with the cliche that, you should be able to pitch a perfect plan or idea to an investor in less than one minute, that was what Jadesola Osiberu did! She got us hooked with the introductory scenes of the movie. Especially with the way the Eyo (Masqurade) that shot that man made a U-Turn with elegance, raising his arms a little so that his garment can fly in the air. That’s intentional and very dope! Storytelling will never be old-fashioned if you decided to shoot a movie using a voiceover to narrate the plot. If properly done, you won’t just want the movie to end.


Director: Jadesola Osiberu

Writers: Kay I. Jegede, Jadesola Osiberu

Genres: Crime, Thriller

Country of origin: Nigeria

Language: English

Production company: Greoh Studios


It is a story about what happens in the underworld, the fate of kids born into crime, and the future ahead of them.


I want to sincerely commend the way attention was paid to details. For example, when Obalola has been flogged using brooms, the following morning, black marks were all over his body.

There is a lot of great improvement in this production than that of brotherhood. Especially the action scene! Tobi Bakare has greatly improved in his acting too.

Cinematographer is a hit! The director of photography explored all possible angles and avoided ambiguity. Though the director keeps pushing the limit.

Casting, I like it. What Nollywood is doing with casting these days is unconventional! Using celebrities from all sectors of the entertainment industry is a plus. It doesn’t equate to good casting anyways but a good sales strategy. Nonetheless, my eyes popped when I saw our Nigeria 2 Pac Kamoru.


When KZ fell from the story building after being shot, his body landed on the car, the windshield didn’t break and the car roof didn’t cave in. That doesn’t make sense. They should have just allowed him to fall on the ground if they don’t want to damage the car.

Obalola (a king tomorrow) is different from Obalola (king with wealth) when Ninalowo took Obasco in and took him to his room. He called him Obalola (the latter) instead of Obalola (the former).

How did Teni suddenly know that Obalola is now living with Ninolowo, hence the reason for them having a conversation from the windows? That’s a beautiful shoot but how they got there does not add up.

Kamaru 2 Pac still looks the same way when he brought Obalola to the front of the elders for snatching a woman’s bag. Markup should have made him look a bit older after so many years. They made KZ look older, they should have to Kamoru.

The scene where Kazeem thrust a knife into Wemimo, was a very close range, with such cut, it’s just like a headshot, Wemimo should go down immediately. Making him fall towards Obalola who is 3 or 4 feet away is just exaggeration, excess, and trying to do everything in a single movie.

The night Ify was meant to kill the barber and ran to Obalola, the next scene is showing Ify with a new hairdo. So, inside all the “rogbodiyan”, he still had the time to do new braids. What a wawu!

In that same scene when Ify was making a call, the phone screen is not on. Like! I’m so annoyed! That’s an amateur mistake, not a production like this. Immediately after Obalola and Temi had an accident, the following scene showing Ify, you’ll see the way it should have been done there.

The ambush of Obalola and Teni scene, why the blood on the road FOR GOD SAKE! I was even thinking maybe its engine oil but then the car still drove off the scene. Why will there be so much blood on the road when the accident victim was sitting “pretty” inside the car? The blood was even too much, anybody that loses that much blood will be dead! Ah! Another amateur mistake!

In that same scene, a side mirror was missing from the car Obalola was driving, that same scene the side mirror miraculously appeared again. For those of you that read, my score is six point nine. Both were after the hits. It is the inconsistency for me.

They’re trying not to damage those cars, it’s not an excuse anyways! You either do it or don’t do it at all. Those cars didn’t look what they should have from the accident.


Less is more they say, guess that’s what the graphics guy was thinking. The black sync with the yellow background anyways. It’s average.


I love the scene the baby mama of Ify waylays him on the road, it’s natural. The emotions in the scene are greater than even when Nino was murdered. The only scene close to that in terms of emotions was when Gift was crying over Ify’s dead body.

In the faceoff between Obalola and KZ, I would have preferred Obalola to shoot all the rounds in the gun against KZ but it will not penetrate because of spiritual fortification. Let me tell you why; (1) attaining such a level on the street means you must be fortified (2) In The scene KZ shot London in the barber shop, his gun has a small red piece of cloth tied to it, of course, it’s not for decoration. (3) During one of the street gang clashes, London was hit with an axe and it did not penetrate.

An ordinary bullet is the least of the things that are expected to kill KZ.

I’m also loving the language mix that comes with our movies, the Igbo and Yoruba language scenes were soothing to the ears. To cap it all, Pidgin Engish was not left out.

No doubt, people like Abe Lanre, and Tunde Kelani among other legendary directors across Nollywood have paved way for the growth of the industry, maximum respect for them. There is time for everything, IT IS THE TIME OF JADESOLA OSIBERU.


My rating is always over ten, if you want to know, read the review. You’ll find the rating there.

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