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Read 6ix9ine’s GOOBA Review while listening to the song below.

Tekashi 6ix9ine who just got favored by the deadly corona virus became one of the few inmates of the American prison system who got released. Just like Meekmill did with his Champion album release in 2018, 6ix9ine came back with a bang. Shout out to the producer of Gooba, the beat is lit and can get any club house pumping. It can be used by someone who is having an intensive workout in a gym to keep his energy pumping. 6ix9ine is usually disrespected in the rap game because of his fashion and branding sense but this song is relatively lit. At least for a week or month, people are going to be grinding to this beat and song. There is nothing as lit as having a clap back song that people are dancing to. And this is what Tekashi 6ix9ine has in this song titled GOOBA.


As stated in the review paragraph, the song is a clap back to haters. 6ix9ine uses this song to address people who made him go to prison and people who never supported him all through his time in prison. 6ix9ine uses this word to serve as a lyrical kill shot to people who have showed him one form of wickedness or the other. The song opens up with a pre-chorus that he uses to advice his friends and associates to never play or tolerate wicked people. He tells them that instead of tolerating wickedness from people, that they should leave six punches in the eyes of those devils. Explaining how such wicked fellows will fall to the floor, he uses a metaphoric statement of a ladies backside shaking. According to 6ix9ine, he says that after punching these wicked fellows that they should load them up in the truck of a car and drive away. He goes on to say peace be unto people who never really helped him and lured him into problem. Tekashi brands them nothing but haters to his success in this GOOBA Review

The first verse has 6ix9ine paint a picture in lyrics of how he and his supposed crew went for a hit at a chicken spot. From the lyrics, he claimed he did not know anything about what they were going to do at the chicken spot. Painting a picture lyrically, he talks about how they shot the guy and ran away. According to him, his gang thought he would knuckle up when he got caught by the police. But according to him, he spilled the beans on them because he cannot be played. He goes on to ask a question off his supposed crew members who took him to that shoot out. He asks them if they are dumb or just stupid for trying to play him into prison. According to him these guys wanted to play him like a dummy which he was not. Finishing off his verse, he tells them to always listen when he talks because is smarter and more sensible. He also adds that he is fly, happy and reinvigorated by all that has happened.

In the second verse he declares that these set of individuals who wanted him locked up in jail for a crime they committed are mad because he is back. Calling them big mad, he makes it known that both males and females in this hater group are mad because he is out of prison and did it earlier than they thought. In a loud laugh, he tells them that he does not care how they feel and reiterating that they should stay mad. Giving another laughter, he claims that he is laughing because they are mad and because he came out to make lots of money. He finishes off the rap by claiming that he did all of that in their faces.


6ix9ine is a rapper who mixes Afrocentric and Boombox all through his carrier. In this song, he goes all boomboss gangster rap from the first beat and bar to the end. One unique element of this beat is the rhythmic keys which keeps the song pumping from the time it resonates to the end of the beat. Marrying these keys is the unique way the kicks of the beat are dropped. In the pre-chorus, the kick is dropped every four beats while it switches up in the chorus and verses. This helped created emphasis in the rap lyrics and transitions of the beat. Also the kick is used to create the necessary bumps on the beat there by making the sound club healthy.

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