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Chris Brown have in recent years been influenced by a lot of trap music artist and day one Chris Brown followers have had missed feelings about that. Chris teamed up with Young Thug to create and release a joint project called “Slime and B”. This is a twelve track album which has Chris and Thug feature on each and every track. In as much as there are a lot interesting songs to listen to, the one titled “Go crazy” is worth talking about.

The beat was not the regular trap sound but a back flip to RnB vibe. After listening to this track, one could gladly tell Chris to stick to his genre and dump these trap beat songs. Chris Sounds better in RnB than in any trap hiphop sound. Go Crazy is that song you will like to put on replay if you have the Slime and B album.


The song is a proposal to a lady to let go and get a little crazy and wild in love. Chris opens the song by talking to a lady who have not been giving him a green light because she lives a low-key and uptight life. He tells her he has not heard from her in days. Stating that he has been thinking about her, he claims he could take her on a flight and provide anything she wants immediately she makes a demand. Chris tells this lady that he can change her life in a moment if she accepts him. Acknowledging that she is somebody who likes to live a low key life, he tells her that he is what she need to go crazy. According to him, she might portray herself as calm and shy. But he however tells her that she can not deceive him because he knows that she is a freaking little baby.

Young Thug takes the second verse and he continues from where Chris Brown stopped. In his words, He has always been crazy and knows that from the first time the girl set eyes on him; that she was in love with him. Declaring that he knows that her love is real, he tells her that she is amazing in every sense. In his words he says that she is very real and dresses to kill. Stating his total believe in her, he tells her that he knows she will not switch side from him to another man.

The last verse is taken by Chris Brown and he finishes off by letting this set lady know that: a lot of ladies come his way once they know he is rich and famous. But according to him, many of them switch to other men once they know he is very picky with the type of woman he dates. In his word he could do anything for her if that will make her his. He even promises to rob a bank to provide anything she wants from him.


The beat is a usual RnB beat with with a kick, clap and Hi-hats. In this particular beat, a club kick is used together with an 808 base kick to provide a perfect bump. The rhythmic keys of the beat is played with a simple electronic piano keys. While the hi-hats and xylophones sounding percussion provides a background interlude for the keys and percussion line. The beat is relatively a simple beat, but the vocals are really interesting because it is Chris Brown’s natural musical habitat.

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