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Read Good intentions Album review while listening to the full album below

Navraj Singh Goraya, a Canadian Rapper and record producer popularly known as NAV is a rapper of Indian origin that has made it to the top of the billboard. Good intention album which is currently top of the billboard music chart is a project containing eighteen tracks. It is a wonderful feat that NAV has achieved and although the songs in this album do not have ear catching elements or messages, the sales have been on a high. And this makes him the third Canadian rapper who is releasing a project that is highly placed on the billboard charts in 2020. One can attribute this high sales to the number of featured act in the album. Working with some trap music heavy weights like Future, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, Gunna, Pop Smoke, Don Toliver and Lil Durk has for sure helped this album. Imagine these artist promoting your works on their platforms and to their fan base. What you get is large sales just like DJ Khaled in his Asad album release. The magic is not in how good the records of the album are. But on the magical fan base and reach of the featured stars.

The vocals of this album are something that people can relate to because of shallow nature of the lyrics. It has been used by rappers time and time again. However the beats are really groovy and interesting to listen to but with time become boring to listen to. One can find his or herself getting lost outside the music and not in the music. This project is one of the reasons why what Rhakim said about the rap culture is valid. A lot of interest is put in the making of beats that there are no real creativity in making of lyrics. These songs are only for the buzz and after the buzz the songs will die a natural death. There are few songs that could be played for some time like “Recap”. But there is no song that can attain a classic status because of the popularity of lyrics and delivery.


Using some modern Afrocentric rap delivery style to deliver his lyrics, Nav made songs that borders around love, drug use, struggle as an Indian rapper and money making. The songs on this album are relatively not so interesting to listen to hence in this article, attention will be given to the songs that one can put on replay for a while. “Brown Boy” is a song which Nav uses to outline the discrimination he suffers as a Rapper with Indian origin. According to him, when he is among his fellow rappers in a club, many people usually look at him as a weirdo. Highlighting what they usually say about him and his music, he claims people wonder how he stays relevant in music. Claiming that people are still baffled on how he sells out arenas, he finishes off by claiming he is one of the most discriminated artist in the rap game.

“Overdose” is a song that talks about why he overdoses on drugs. NAV talks about the pressures he goes through because of his status a pop star.  He talks about ladies claiming to be in love with him when they are actually in love with the type of man he is destined to be. “Good intensions” is a song which has NAV brag about his improved life. Outlining that he has been this successful and still does not have a baby mama who is disturbing him for child support. He tags it as a rare accomplishment. “Coast to Coast” is a groovy song that has NAV rap about his name being heard around the world from coast to coast. He also discusses his views on what haters have to say about him, his craft and general lifestyle.

Good intentions Album review

“She Hurtin” is a song which has NAV talk to a lady who he is trying to date. Revealing via his lyrics that the lady is hurting from the negative experiences she had in her previous relationship, he tell her that he will not add to that bad experiences. Declaring her as the only lady he is into, he tells her that he will always put her first. He finishes off the song by stating that she is the type of girl he has been searching for. In one of the most interesting songs of this album, he teams up with Don Toliver to create a song titled “Recap”. Recap is a song which one can use to woo a lady. Toliver who opens up the song talks about the certain fictional lady. Claiming that she is the type of girl with the perfect body and style that he likes, he tells her that he can become her supplier like a drug dealer. In summary, these songs will make a buzz for the main time with the above few songs that can tickle peoples fancy.


“Recap” is one song that has the potential of becoming a hit song even without Don Toliver. However, with his mastery of Afrocentric rap style, they made a song which is different from the rest. “Recap” has huge potential of becoming a hit song if promoted. Other songs like “Brown boy”, “Good intentions” and songs which he features those heavy weight trap mumble rappers can also become hit songs because of their reach and fan base.

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