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Afropop is a sweet genre of music which has always been controlled by male folks because of their voice.  Ladies who have made it as afropop stars have all done that by playing by two major rules. The first rule is the adequate use of their sexuality. This rule is used by popular acts like Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade. The other rule is the use of identity switch in vocals. What I mean by this is: ladies with vocal styles that have rich male influence tend to become really popular and loved by both male and female which is not totally the same for those using their sexuality.  This rule is what got Teniola, the biggest hit of 2018/2019. She made men and ladies dance to her vibe by using auto voice pitch to captivate her audience. In addition, her lyrics were created in a way that it sounded more masculine than feminine. This gave her a wide edge. She made a street anthem by using this rule and Goodgirl LA’s Jeje can become a street anthem too.

Good LA, 23 years old, is a Nigerian artist whose real name is Euphemia Runyi Ekumah. She have been building her carrier in a steady rising chart over the years with her unique vocals. LA is blessed with a male vocal tool that makes her sound masculine. Blending the depth of Toni Braxton and Afropop is another way of summing up what she sounds like. If she keeps pushing her music the way she is going at it, she might just be the next viral female artist after Teni the entertainer. Jeje is a song that every lover of African music will love to vibe to. A total package of good lyrics, vocal dominance and suiting ponpon beat.


This a love song which discusses how good LA’s lover is to her. In the opening verse she tells her lover that many men have been taking close look at her. Acknowledging that just as a lot of men have been showing interest in her, so also many girls have been trying to compete with her. She also agrees that there are people who don’t give a damn about her but declares that she is here to stay.

In the chorus, she tells her lover to go home with her with in slow steady walk meaning “Jeje”. Affirming that this life is not about excessive stress and hustle, she tells her man to take life easy and steady which also mean “Jeje”. She tells her man that she is prepared to make him feel alright because he does same for her. She tells her lover that she is also in love with him and it is a legitimate feeling she has for him.

In a short of song 2:37 minutes, she create very simple sing along lyrics that anybody will love to vibe to while backing it up with her male vocal voice.


Swaps beats keeps things simple with a mixture of ponpon beats and Afrobeats in this Afropop sound. The song opens up with a play of Highlife electronic guitars that has its echo knobs increased. Just as it is plays, a suiting baseline is played to add depth before the entrance of the persuasion line.  The percussion line is made with ponpon snare rim patterns backed with Afrobeat shekere sound and Kicks. To add colour and variety to the sound, a few keys were added to give it nice interlude while adding some supporting guitars. Unlike many Afrobeats influenced sound, this song does not have horn instruments but makes use of electronic flutes giving a unique feel.


Jeje is a sound that does not need a feminine video. Goodgirl LA should borrow from Teni’s “Case” video to interpret her visuals. Let her use her masculine gift in her audios and visuals.

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