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Met Gala, the Annual Fashion event that takes place in the New York city, United States; every first Monday in the month of May is indeed one of the biggest fashion events in the world. Due to the Corona Virus pandemic lockdown, it was impossible to enjoy the glamour that this hallmark event brings. If everything was normal Getty images, shutter stock and all photography outfits would have still been sorting out pictures from the event that would have taken place on the fourth of May. This event which sees pop stars take the center stage in beautiful dresses is not all about them. This event is about fashion designers who put in hours to create fashion themes that are rare. This designers are the best of the best and are unique in what they do. The ever mind blowing Guo Pei is one of those designers.

Guo Pei is a Chinese Fashion designer who have built a wonderful reputation in the fashion world. Influenced by her love for traditional Chinese fashion and love for beautiful gowns, Pei has consistently tailored mouth opening designs. She finds a way to fuse traditional Chinese colours and Fabrics in her designs. Being an expert in folding of fabrics, her designs are characterized by elegant folds giving any model that wears her dresses a rare fashion look.

Guo has a high crave of playing with colours and that is seen in most of her dresses. Red, blue, Yellow and gold are what she uses to kill off her designs. However the ratio of dresses she makes with Gold or yellow is relatively higher than the others. She is always adding that torch of yellow or gold thereby giving her a colour character.

What makes Guo different is her attention to detail and perfection. She does not just make cloths but she knows how to design the right kind of footwear, bags and makeup. All her models are always having harmony in their look. She balances the looks by knowing what bag will fit the hair do or cap while perfecting the face makeup. She has a way of bossing the way people look.

 Guo Pei being a lady who dresses in simple clothing would naturally not be perceived as someone who creates insane designs but that is who she is. She is an embodiment of mad, crazy and mind blowing design. One of her biggest model is multiple music award winner Rihanna. Rihanna have been able to conquer the Met Gala event trice by the perfect artistry of Guo Pei and her crew of talented designers. Guo was in charge of two of her three styling and till date they are still celebrated. Designs are hard to make irrespective of the field, weather in fashion or engineering.  Guo Pei is a simple lady in looks but a complex boss in the class of designs she create. She is what Nigerians call trouble or in the case of fashion: “Fashion Trouble”.

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