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Harrysong Right about Now EP Review

Harrysong, the gyration artist who became a house hold name in Nigeria and many African countries after the release of his Reggae-blues smashing single. Since then he has had his ups and downs. From record label struggles at Five star music to making viral songs. His winning formula has been making gyration songs which are a blend of Igbo Ogone tune mixed with Afropop elements. But with this extended play project, he switches a bit. He creates more of ponpon, Afropop and Makosa flaour. Teaming up with some French speaking Afropop musicians, he created a nine track list.

The album is relatively okay. It is not Lit and it is not bad. It is an album that can be sold to people if well promoted. Some of the songs may become hit songs depending on the promotion of the songs. Also his ability to extend his tentacles to other African country will build him a larger fan base. Songs like “Kumbaya” and “konna” could become hit tracks in Nigeria and some other countries if promoted.


The album is an outpouring reflections of Harrysong. Before Harry song became the Afro gyration expert that the world knows, he was first a pure RnB artist-this is reflected in this album. For example in the introductory song titled “Kumbaya”, he makes a song that talks about his life hustle and wins. Working with spoken word artist: Sheyebanks, he create a song that talks about how he has remained relevant in the music industry. Ascribing his success to God, he sings “kumbaya”. The word Kumbaya which originally means “Come by here” is an African American Christian song used to offer worship to God. Harry employs the word in this intro and sets the tone of the Album.

Harrysong Right about Now EP Review

Teaming up with Rudeboy, they made a song titled “Konna”. The song is about a girl who is a player. From the song it can deduced that she was playing Harrysong and Rudeboy. Declaring that she likes money but does not what to be shown to the world as a lady in a relationship. He tells her that she will have to pay some way or the other.

In another collaboration with Hiro, they created a song titled “Deliver me”. The song which is a blend of ponpon sound and creative vocals of DR Congo is a really groovy vibe. The song which is more of Afrofusion ponpon song is characterized with hooked baseline and flow of electronic lead guitar. The song is a plea song to a lady to save them from the feeling of being love struck. What makes the song really interesting is the French influenced vocals of Hiro.

Working with Ghanaian popstar in the person of Stoneboy, they created a song titled “Apianko”. “Apianko” which is the catch word/phrase is used to explain the feeling he has when he see a beautiful looking lady. He uses the song to talk about how beautiful and hypnotizing the looks of this lady he is singing about. He also uses the song to celebrate Nigerian and Ghanaian women.

Switching back to his gyration beat, he blends a little bit of Caribbean and koto music flavor. He works with the DMW records boss, Davido, to create a song titled “Bum Bum Bum”.  Bum Bum Bum is a catch phrase used in Nigeria to qualify a woman’s back side. They sing about a lady who is endowed with a good backside. He sings about loving her backside and will love to jump on it. Davido uses his verse to tell this set lady to loosen up and be free with him. He adds that he wants her because he loves her back side.

“Oppressor” which features Toofan is a song that talks about his dominance in the music industry. Bragging about how good he is in turning up good music, he claims that many people are always asking him of his creative formula. He outlines that it’s all about hard work and persistence in improving the craft of making music.

Harrysong Right about Now EP Review

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