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Being a music lover and enthusiast has made me to know a lot of musicians around the world and one that I am happy to know is Adele Emeli Sande. Racism and Discrimination has in recent times become popular again. It has gained new strength and has crawled out of the pits that the world have been trying to bury it. Racism and discrimination is seen and heard in the streets, sports and general living circle of man. On the other hand, Music has always been regarded as a weapon hence musical greats like Bob Marley, Fela, Michael Jackson and a host of others all sang of world peace and equality amongst every one of different race, gender, etc. Emeli Sande who is 32 years old, is a Europen-African female; who grew to see discrimination around her and decided to use her musical weapon to address the ill. “Human” is a song which addresses the point which most racist and people who discriminate refuse to believe. “Human” which is the first singles in her 2019 album titled “Real Life” is a spiritual sound. It sends a message that all racist and people who discriminate some real truth about life.


Emeli opens up the song by giving examples of what makes all human equal. She explains that all humans love, pray, make mistakes, feel greedy and pain. She explains that all humans go through these different facts of life. She declares that no matter the colour of one’s skin that we are all humans because we all bleed and feel the same way when we are stabbed with a knife.

In the second verse she talks about discrimination between the rich and poor, young and old and people in general. She explains that what these classes of different individuals are fighting for is to achieve happiness. She exclaims and asking the world where the goodness and love between human disappeared to. She declares that we are losing our unity and happiness to discrimination and Racism.  She reiterates that no matter who we are and what colour we are; that we are all human and we all go through things.


The Song is an RnB song that is dominated by some of the best orchestral strings of 2019. Troy Miller and Emeli made up their mind that they wanted to make a music that would draw the attention of the Royal Orchestral and they might get it. Listening to this song felt like listening to a classical music performance. The interplay of violin, viola, cellos blended by a mid-tone grand piano and a steady patterned baseline in just magical. Troy and Emeli did some real super job in the production because they made a sensitive production for a sensitive topic.


Painting pictures of what is been sang about is just the right way to go when it comes to this song. Adding some ethnicity and race to it will do a lot in conveying the message.

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