Hurts 2B Human album Review: True stories never make bad music


All good music are product of good inspiration weather the songs are made with vocals or just instruments. Listening to Hurts 2B Human album, made me reaffirm the notion that emotion stories are wonderful raw materials for good music.  Alecia Beth Moore also known as Pink uses this album to tell different real-life stories. Listening to her made me feel like I was listening to either Taylor Swift or Adele combined in one album. The first song which felt like a magnetic pole dragging me to the album over and over again was “Circle game”.  Since Rita Ora’s last year’s album, I must confess that I have not listened to an emotional album like this one. It might not be a crazy album now, but if given an airplay by lots of DJs and radio stations-then it is sure to become a classic. This album needs good investment and I am not surprised that it is topping 200charts. The team of producers and song writers did a nice job using three major music genres of Soul, EDM and Rock to pass her message.  The 39years old lady’s good stories just gave birth to another good album.



As stated in the introductory part of this article, Pink and the team of writers which include Sia, Khalid and a host of others made this album; tried as much as possible to keep the lyrics to what people could relate with. The first song on the album which is “Hustle” talks about a lady who has done everything for love and never gets the loving back. She claims that her set lover has been misinterpreting her good loving as weakness because he is blinded by his ways. She however claims that she is done with the relationships because she was tired with his hustle and f*ckry (excuse the expression).

“(Hey Why) Miss you sometimes”, has Max Martin and Pink write a piece of groovy music. The song talks about a man or a lady who misses his or her ex even though the relationship they had was not all that filled with good memories. In this song, pink claims that she does miss her ex-lover even though he messed up her life.

There comes a sometimes in one’s life when being alone and lonely feels unsafe. In “Walk me Home”; Pink tells her lover to walk her home and stay with her because she was going through a phase that everything around her seems bad and troubling.

“My Attic” is a song that makes me think of Eminem’s cleaning out my closet. Just like Em, she describes her personal life as an attic that is filled with dirty, useless stuff. But unlike Em’s who was hanging his dirty linen outside, Pink is reserved because she did not want her lover to see her in different light. I am totally drawn to this piece of music because of the real message. I must give toms up to Julia Michaels, Ilsey Juber and Freddy Wexler for writing such a soul soaking piece of honest music.

Last time I heard a male/female soul duet that caught me was the Ed Sheeran’s song which he features Beyoncé. Listening to “90 Days” from Pink teaming up with Wrabel just made up for that time. This song talks of two lovers who are having a bad relationship. The relationship is messed up because one of the partner does not want the relationship but does not want to be blunt about it. Wrabel singing the part of the victim acknowledges that that Pink was fading away from the relationship but somehow he keeps hoping that she changes her mind. This is a real love song that talks about two incompatible individual trying to make a broken relationship seem like it was working.

“Hurts 2B Human” which doubles as the tittle of the album did not tell the type of story I was thinking it was going to tell. This song is surprisingly a love song. It talks about trying to survive a life without ones lover. Pink and Khalid labels life without ones lover to “Hurt”.

“Can we pretend” which feature Cash Cash talks about forgetting once real situation and pretending to have a better life either as a young person or older person with a better life.

I could not help but feel the spirit and feel of Sia written all over the song Courage. Although Pink did not perform the song with her, I just knew from the arrangement, verses and pre chorus that only sia had this style. The song talks about Courage to hold one’s self and charge through bad situations. A song which is totally filled metaphors describes the ups and down of life using some basic elements of nature. This is a motivational song which which can lift anybody’s mood up.

“Happy” is a song that describes a person whose heart and mind are in a constant battle of  making a change that will make them better and happy. Pink claims that since she has been young, that she has always had knowledge of what would have made her happier but for some reason she doesn’t know why she has refused to change. She declares that maybe she is just scared to be happy.

The first metallic Rock music in this album tittled “we could have it all” had Pink talk about achieving all a person plans to achieve. She claims that anybody can have want they want and  as a result they do not have anything to prove to anybody.

Chris Stapleton brought his distinctive voice to play with Pink in the song “Love me Anyway”. This song is used to ask questions of loyalty and unconditional love. Pink asks Chris the ultimate question of “will you still love me even with my flaws and other negative stuff”.

My personal best song is “Circle game” because of the story. Pink talks about growing up and trying to live with the responsibility of being an adult. She talks about having one’s child thinking that he or she is a superhero without knowing that their parents also think of their parents same way. She claim that in the circle game of life; one should just be thankful that he or she is alive to play. Because life changes and keep changing. This song is a wonderful mix of Ballad and soul that tell a very true story that can get anyone thinking.

“Last Song of your Life” got me sleeping and the message might be good but I was already in love with songs in the album. Pink made some real good music using soul, RnB, EDM and Rock music genres to pass across her messages. However apart from two or three songs, the remaining could earn a replay from any real music lover.


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