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Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr who is best known by the stage name: Snoop Dogg has always been an ambassador for being original.  From singing about his life in the street, being in circles of bad boys. To being grand ambassador of weed smokers; Snoop has always kept his sound original. Most Stars of the 90s and early 2000s have always been caught up with the refined hiphop culture that the 2000s has provided. They have allowed the digital breakthroughs dilute their tune and production process. Only a few veterans like snoop Dog have remained true to their sound. I wanna thank me Album which was released on July 3, 2019 is a clear definition of believing in one’s process and idea.

The only thing which changed a little was the reduction of erotic and excessively explicit content in his lyrics. Like he outlined in one of the song in the album; he is approaching 50 hence there is more maturity. Although many newbies may not appreciate this album because of recent Trap culture; real lovers of rap music are always going to have this album in their playlist.


Singing about his life and stuff that has happened to him and people he knows are the key messages in this album.  “Focus” talks about the crazy life of growing up in the hood. He talked about the smoking, gang rapes and messed up life he was exposed to. He declares that in the midst of the disorganized environment that he remained focused. Having a lot of help from his mother; he explains that all he did was focus on making his life better. “New Booty” is a song which explains Snoops life as a young man. He explains that everybody around him at one point wanted to get a pound of flesh from him. He claims that those experience made him smart declaring that the hood can’t mess him up. “What U Talkin” is a song which Snoop uses to speak to people trying to tell him how to make his music? Snoop reminds them that he has been doing his thing his own way and has become rich doing it his way.

Death Row Records is one of the biggest record label to have ever existed since the Hiphop world became popular. This was because of the negativity that associated with the good music made. Snoop uses “Let Bygones be Bygones” to give a special message to members of the defunct record label (those living and dead) to let the anger go and allow peace rain.

One of the most honest song in the album is “So Misinformed”. The song highlights the problem of racism as one that was originated by misinformation.  Explaining the whole concept, he claims that most of the Caucasian and Negroid race where misinformed that is why racism is still growing. He however uses his song to explain that life is all binary. He explains that people must understand that life is all about what is good and evil. He reminds everyone that mother earth as our parent hence we have to live in Harmony.

In summary, Snoop Dogg made an album filled with vintage songs and vintage beats that a real lover of good music will surely put on replay.


90s beats have always been classic because of the reduced use of octave orchestral patterns. They allowed the drum machine take the lead. In the song titled “Do it when”; the lead keys was the only Rhythmic key in the song. With a steady percussion line and beat hook, he and his production crew produced one of the best beat in the album. Another grove beat in this album features Chris Brown as a guest artist.  “Turn me on” sound 90s but will get anybody dancing. It is in same category of song like Bruno Mars’ Finesse. The Funk beat turns anybody on when played.

The featured stars in this album made this album thick. I have always hated when features do not make impact in a song. Chris Brown, Russ, Wiz Khalifa, Trey Songs, Swizz Beatz and a host of others added some real sauce on the album. “Take me Away” was killed by Russ; making it a perfect song for meditation. The looped vocals of Bob Marley’s song in “So Misinformed” is a beat that is dominated by good baseline and Catholic octave which is super spiritual. The addition of a few slayer guitar and a detuned reggae lead guitar lit up the song.

Possible Hits and Flops

All the songs in this album are good album but a few might have smaller market value. For example “First Place” sound like a movie theme and might be overlooked by many music lovers. However the songs that feature Russ and Chis are sure going to become a mega hit if invested in.

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