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Ice Prince Get at You Review

Ice Prince Get at You Review

After a long time of being away from blogging due to technical issues, I was looking for a good Afrobeats song that I could use to kickstart writing again. Just in the cool of the evening, I came across a snippet of Nigerian veteran Rapper-Ice Prince’s newest single from his upcoming EP titled “Get at you”.

the song for me is all about Ice Prince returning to his element and original style of Rhym and flows. It is no surprise because the storyline tells a lot about why he is in his natural essence. Obviously, a love song of medicine after death; Ice Prince seeks pity from his lover.


The song is a discussion/public later Ice Price writes to his ex-love that they mutually ended things because of uncleared differences. According to him, he has not been dealing with the breakup in the best of ways. Detailing his sufferings he explains that he has been trying to keep a straight face like the breakup did not get to him. He however explains that he has been smoking more and acting up because he was bleeding from the pain caused by the breakup.

In the second verse, he talks about never ever thinking of them being apart. He claims to have had plans of making her his wife and building a family but details that his efforts to sort out things with her were not successful. Ice Prince laments that she has bluntly refused to have a sit down with him- treating him like he was never a favorite at some point in time. Declaring that two wrongs do not make a right, he laments that she came and left his life just the way she came without notice- leaving him in his time of need.

Ice Prince finishes off the song by detailing that he would like to get at her and have a heart-to-heart discussion as regards their differences. he prays that they resolve their difference and take their relationship to the next level which is becoming a family.


The timing of the release of this song is one that I must applaud. Valentine’s day is coming and he would have a lot of airplay with this joint.

As regards the rhymes and flows, I must say Ice Prince got the best mix of punchlines and wordplay he has had in recent years. The opening verse had him word-playing with a lot of biblical metaphors which for me is an intelligent way to talk about a love story. Also, I love the part of the song where he talks about his life being a movie and his ex-lover is his Netflix: which means that he needs the love of his life to get more value and visibility of his own life.

As for the beat, I am glad that Ice Prince flowed rhymes with a pure contemporary Afrobeat sound. the beat is simple and can be recreated with the cheapest of instruments. In general, it is a great song with potential and could blow up if given to TikTok challenge merchants.

Ice Prince Get at You Review


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