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Ice Prince Makeup your Mind Review

When I was learning the basics of music production, the rules of Hiphop rap music was simple to understand. Usually the rap verses are kept at 16Bars of music, with a chorus (Hook). In some rare occasion, the 16Bars is split between two or four rappers which is another flavor. On no situation did my tutors state that the beat on which the verses are voiced on must be the so-called hiphop beat. So judging a rap music by the type of beat it was made with is a wrong perception.

Nigerian Hiphop music have been suffering since Afropop ponpon beat (Alt sound) came into limelight. It was because many rappers did not want to bend their hardcore American influenced rap. But in recent times the rap community have started changing up. The likes of MI, Ill Blisss, Olamide, Reminisce and other Nigeria heavy and light weight rappers have all started tapping into the sound.  This year, Ill Bliss made a song with Yemi Alade which was featured in his album and it was a ponpon beat song. Now Ice Prince has teamed up with Tekno to create a song that could cause a real buzz. Just like the songs made by Zlatan Ibele, this song could get a club dancing. Although a rap music, the Afropop beat can get people to dance.


The song is used to tell lovers to make up their minds if or not they want to be in a relationship. Often times in life people get entangled with partners that are not stable. Most times it might be because of the lack commitment to the relationship- because either one of the party was thinking of getting a better relationship. So because of that, one party in the relationship feels used and not treasured. This song which although is a dance hall song is used to address the inconsistency of such partners who do not want stay committed.

The song opens up with Tekno taking the lead and laying the foundation of the song. He opens the song by stating that one day his lover is loving him and the next day she start having issues, quarrels and fights with him. Lamenting that he does not know what she wants from him, he states that she is always causing trouble when there is no trouble. He uses a metaphoric statement, stating that there is no fire (trouble) in their relation yet she pours Kerosene to make them uncomfortable. He finishes of his verse with chorus telling her to make up her mind if she wants to stay or leave the relationship.

Ice Prince begins his bars in the second verse. He starts by stating why his lover have been giving him issues. According to him, she has always said she want wanted a man who was madly rich with six figures in dollars. He also states that she needed a guy who could afford the latest Mercedes Benz cars and always looking lit whenever he appears. Stating that he suits the description of the kind of man the lady was looking for, he brags about being able to shutdown cities in Nigeria and Europe. But finishes off with Tekno’s chorus telling her to make up her mind if she wants to stay with him.

The second Rap verse has Ice prince give detail of what the lady wants. According to Ice, he claims the lady said she wanted a man who spends money impulsively but was also into legal business which was not possible. According to her she wants a man who is genuinely rich and one who will not get into problem at the end of the day which was also impossible.

Ice goes on to share a story of an example of the kind of guy who this lady is looking for. According to him, this guy who was a supposed billionaire was nabbed by the police and his friends and lovers disappeared. He finishes off by stating emphatically that his lady should make up her mind. Stating that if they are fighting too much, that it was best they broke up and moved on because life was short for a shaky relationship.

Ice Prince Makeup your Mind Review

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