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Read Illbliss Fever Review: ibotic love poetry while listening to the song below

Illbliss in years of his active carrier as a rapper has always sold himself as a rich igbo(Ibo) man. Be it in songs that he talks about money like in “Forty Feet” or in social conscious songs like in “they don’t care about us”, Illbliss has always used his Ibotic style and accent to deliver his music. Working with African culture diva, Yemi Alade, they made a song titled “Fever”. In recent times, many Nigerian artist have been titling their songs “Fever” and they have all been about love. Some weeks ago, Iyanya made a song titled Fever and it was about love. Also, in couple of years back, Wizkid made a song titled fever and it was also about love. Now Illbliss have released his own version of Fever which is a tale of an Igbo man who is in love.


The song opens up with Illbliss painting a lyrical picture of a rich Igbo man who is madly in love. He uses a blend of Igbo love poetry to mix with modern romantic poetry to flow his rhymes. He opens up the song by declaring his rich man status as being a Business tycoon. Revealing that he is over the moon because of his lady, he declares that he will soon come and pay her diary soon. According to him, he and his people will come for her introduction in June, pay her diary in July and by August they will have their white wedding. Going on to paint a picture of how glamorous their wedding was going to look like, he talks about the settings of their white wedding. He states that he will be in a Gucci white suit while she would be in a Vera Wang wedding gown. Calling her a beautiful sweet fish (Asa), he declares her beautiful and perfect. Stating that they will make a perfect couple, he tells her that she is his gang mate. Praising her intellect, he tells her that her sense is 100%. He also brags about her prayerful nature. He finishes off his rap verse by stating that her prayers have been keeping him going.

Yemi Alade who responds as the lady he is in love with sings a pre-chorus and chorus to the duet. She open up her part by claiming that the way he treats her blows her mind. She goes on to states that he gives her fever and he also gives her the medication because his love is like drug. Using some abstract words, she explains the way she feels around him. In her words, she claims that because of him, she looses her balance and falls to the floor. Yemi finishes off her chorus as she begs him to catch her if she falls under the influence of his love energy.

The second rap verse has illbliss continue with his ibotic love poetry. He opens up the verse by alleging that God must have put some drops of honey on the body of his lady just for him to taste anytime he kisses her. Declaring that his Asa gives him peace and loving that blows his mind, he tells her to come so that he can carry her. According to him, he feels like stealing her away because of the way she is perfectly created. According to him, she has everything a woman could ever have, for example, curves. He tags her perfect drawing from God and uses some metaphors to explain her body endowments. He substitutes her breast and calls them Rage Rover cars while substituting her backside and calls it Ferrari. He calls her wife material who also knows how to cook and a perfect daughter of her father. Calling her a perfect Igbo girl who is well grounded, he declares that she has the keys to his heart because she is holding him down with her love.


The beat which is called “Dreams” by Kaziclef, is a normal ponpon Afropop beat with a unique High life lead guitar lead. The lead serves as the rhythmic key of the beat which is played from the start to the finish. With no intro, the guitar is played in same pattern from the first bar to the end. To create a perfect supporting rhythm, there is an underground pad keys with help provides a rich base. This pad is mixed with a sequence or detuned key which provide some kind of bump especially during the transitions. Finally some occasional use of the 808 bass kicks was used to provide that hiphop feel in the beat. Suspect and Kaziclef did some real easy but hard work in the beat.  

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