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Read Illy Chapo X album Review while enjoying the music below

Ill Bliss has always been a rap artist who sticks to his boombox. His method of delivery has always been in line with what MCs of the late 80s and early 90s did. Highly influenced by Nas, ill Bliss has kept his vocals more of autobiographical lyrics. The tweak about ill Bliss and most MCs of that era is that while they were influenced by hustle, racism, bad childhood, Gun crimes and Gangstar, he was influenced by poverty, hustle and his crave for money. Regarded as the Ibo Rick Ross, ill Bliss talks about money. When he is talking about love, he finds a way to talk about money. When he talks about bad government, he talks about money. When he talks about respect, he talks about money. Ill Bliss always finds a way to make money his topic sentence.

Illy Chapo album is a very mature album with messages that a lot of people can relate to. The way he flows his rhymes is also wonderful. There is no unnecessary repeat in bars like most trap music rappers. The delivery is just lit. Among all the rappers that have released songs this year in Nigeria, apart from Child of Destiny by Eclipse Nkasi,  one could easily pick, illy Chapo as another good album. Filled with sweet tales of hustle, money, respect, tributes and love; ill Bliss made an album that is well fired up.


The songs on this album are themed on different topics. From Hustling, God and self-glorification, money, government criticism, hustle, love and finally tribute to his Father and Godmother, ill Bliss combined a classic collection. Taking a look at the songs that talks about money, hustle and business, he creates some good songs.  In the first song off a seventeen tracks album titled “God made you King”; he raps about enjoying life because God has made him King. Rapping about his hustle and breakthrough, he tells the world that he will sit down in a flashy car and also pour himself some drinks because God has made him King.  “Biness” has ill Bliss take the personality of an Igbo business which he is. He raps about buying and selling and getting paid. Admonishing Ibo people like him to work and get paid, he tells them to be all about their business. “Kiss the Ring” is a song that he uses to advice people who are trying to become big in the rap game. He lashes out at young rappers who want to become bosses without going through the process. According to him, if they continue taking that route, he tells them that they will remain low. While he will keep calculating his money and receiving honor from the street.

In some emotional music, illbliss made three love songs and one tribute song. In a tribute to his late Father and Aunty, ill Bliss raps about how much he missed and cherished them. Thanking them for their prayers, advice and inputs in his life, he wished they lived longer than they did. Merged with the classic artistry of Nigerian Folk and country music maker “Johnny Drille”, they created a real soul soaking tune in the song titled “Remember”.  In some love tunes, he works with Niniola and Yemi Alade. Niniola brought her A-game by delivering a wonderful hook and verse. In a powerful duet, ill Raps about being blessed to have built his life around her. In reply Niniola sings about him being her super man. Tag teaming with Yemi Alade they made another afropop sound titled “Fever”. Read about that via the link. In one of the sweetest jam on this album, ill Bliss raps for a lady calling her a goddess in a song titled: “Goddess”.

In songs that addresses the issues of Nigeria and the world at large he spits some real good lines. In the song titled “Country”, he addresses a lot of the bad leadership in Nigeria. According to him, its only God who have been supporting the country. In another song titled “Green White Green” he raps about the the never die hard attitude of Nigeria. According to him the world only sees the bad side of Nigeria and never acknowledging the hard working Nigerians. Lamenting bad leadership, he claims that if Nigeria had good leaders, that they would have been in the next level. In summary, Ill Bliss made a very lit Album.

# Illy Chapo X album Review


Working with Suspect, Major Banks, Books, Smile and CazieClef on this album was just the right thing. These Producers have always kept their loyalty with Rap hiphop music. Hence the beats, mixing and mastering of this album was kept straight. The Boom box beats are just legendary while the Afropop beats were kept basic. Ill Bliss hired the best hands in this album. One afropop beat that is just off the hook is the beat of “goddess”. The beat will make any body dance while enjoying the epic flow. The delivery of Ill did not have any form of steady rhymes. He went with the free flowing delivery to allow as many lines as possible. Finally, his choice of feature was also good. Although one can argue that featuring Phyno was not needed because ill was holding down the rap, one can not also argue that Phyno killed his verse in the song titled “Upper Iweka”. The song which is also an Afropop influenced song can light up any dance flow. A really dope jam.


No song is a flop on this album. This album is lyrically good, beats are epic and the delivery is legendary. This is a 17track album of pure class music. This album pushes out Eclispe Nkasi from the top of best rap album made by a Nigerian MC 2020.

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