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Brooklyn born Bleta “Bebe” Rexha released a single some time ago and I saw the visuals and got interested in the song. The song is an RnB song with rock and funk music elements. Great production, vocals and visuals but songs like this hardly make it on the airways or on the billboard. According to the singer, the song is about celebrating your imperfections and insecurities but listening to it and watching the visuals reveals some cool message. This song is for jealous lovers around the world who behave in very odd manner and as a result making people to think they are insane. This song has a lot of elements from the early 2000s when Jennifer Lopez was run the scene. If you are young and never had the opportunity to know how songs or videos of early 2000s was made then this song is for you. This song has limited opportunity of making it in the entertainment scene in terms of airplay by individuals because of the use of old concept.


This songs describes a lady who is having a rough time in her relationship due to insecurity. She feels the guy does not like her anymore. She states that everything is going to be alright although she does not deal with it very well. She get emotional and always trying to suspect every person around them as the reason for the problem they are having. She becomes too obsessed with the man and begins to behave in some kind of abnormal way to the guy and the people around them dictating who come around them or around the man.
This is a song for people who have allowed their emotion get a better of them. It is song which discusses problems you may get into when you allow too much love cloud your judgment. You become a mess when you allow your emotions drive you rather than your rational thinking mind. Solid song but it is not going to make it big in the US and Nigerian music scene because this is not the early 2000s


The song is produced by Jussifer and Devon Corey for the warner bros records. This beat stands out because of the strings and Tom sound used in it. The octave and harmonious strings used could drive someone into nodding his or her head. There drum line used for the chorus part of this song is pure funk beat. The only thing that makes it look modern was the use of trap hip hop hi-hats. The progression of this song is really up there when you talking about arrangements. The chorus, bridge and chorus all have peculiar sound patterns. The Engineering is up there with many good music but it has the incorporation of many sound elements used in the early 2000s. The bridge sounds like something I have heard a thousand times. And there is this keyboard pattern in the chorus that is all too popular. There was no real original patterning of this beat apart from the intro guitar string.


Informative and good visuals but old concept. The visuals concept displays people in a psychiatric hospital. This shows the aftermath of the emotional stress the lady talked about in the song put herself because of the insecurities and fears. I really like the ward scene where there are choreographers dressed as psyche patients and giving a wild dance. I also love the beatsbydre headset advert seen which had the choreographers nod their head to the beat. The costuming was okay because most psyche hospitals wear white but the use of light leaks and the tunnel scene are too much copying for one song. The elements of this video are pictures we have seen before. There is no new added element. I am not against copying but copying with no new additions is not cool.

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