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Read Introduction to Trapfro Album Review while listening to the playlist below

Nigerian music grew to become one the most sort after sound in the world by finding new ways to merge African music with American music culture. That is why when I saw the title of this album I was happy. Because I felt that Yung6ix was going to find a way to tweak the trap music of the US to sound African. Unfortunately the album did not live up to the name. Trap music is a gerne of hiphop music that has specific types of instrument that is attributed to it. Trap snares and hi-hats are different from the usual snares and hats and this changes the sound all together. When I saw this album title, I was thinking that Yung6ix and his producers are going to add some Shekere, wood, bongo and congas to the trap beats to give it that African feel but that was not what he did. Instead the album was a collection of some trap music and some afropop music. It is like what ill Bliss did with his boom box sound and afropop in illy Chapo X album. But with more afropop flavour.

The album is not a bad one because it is not like what YCee did when he shot himself in the leg by producing same amount of rap and singing tune. Instead Yung6ix tries to rap in all the tracks using trap flows mixed with modern Afrocentric flows. Also the message of the song may be an issue because of the primary audience which are Nigerians may not fly with it. The excessive talk of money, drugs and women may not appeal to a larger chunk of Nigerian music consumers.

 In conclusion, Yung6ix should try to improve on this new sound he is trying to author. He should make a trap song with African music elements and that will cement his place as the author of a new sound called “trapfro”.

# Introduction to Trapfro Album Review


Yung6ix represents  Nigerian youths who are hustling hard to become reach at a young age. From his first viral single, 6ix have always made songs revolving around women, money and boujee lifestyle. That is what you find when you listen to this album. In the first song titled “Wake Up”, he raps about being awake to hustle so that he can live his luxurious life style. Going after people who want to pick up a fight with him, he claims that they are attempting suicide. Stating that he came out from the street and has attained some boujee status, he claims he is always prepared for the worst. Hence he has to always be awake because with great success comes enemies and trials. The only thing that does not add up is the outro which has him sample a sound. The sampled sound was that of Nigerians who they burnt their votes after  the 2019 elections. I still don’t know why that is in the song.

 “Decision” is a song he uses to explain why some people are great and others small. According to him the difference between the rich and the poor is in the decision they take. Using his life as an example, he claims that he rode in some bad ways but has changed up his life becoming legit like Shawn Cater. “On a Daily (OAD)” is a song which talks about why he works on a daily basis. Stating that making his lady happy and living a boujee life style is his mission, he raps about always working hard on a 24/7.

In an Afropop ponpon sound, 6ix raps about his new sound in a song titled “Step 1”. He uses the song to rap about a music flow which he claims is different from trap and Afropop music. Switching back to a trap beat, he works with Dammy Krane and Sinzu to make a song about his boujee lifestyle. Claiming that the money is for spraying, he alleges that all ladies need money hence he works hard.

Working a squad of southsouthern Nigerian rappers, 6ix raps about their influence  in the music industry. Erigga, Dr Barz and Payper helped him create one of the best trap vibe on the album titled “You don see am”. In summary the album is a good combo of trap vibes and Afropop music but can not be regarded as Trapfro. It is just a playlist of trap songs and Afropop songs.


All the trap songs on this album were relatively well produced. The reason it made more sense is because of the way he delivers his rhymes. In the 11tracks album, he tries as much as possible to reduce the number of mumbled rap. 6ix spits good bars from start to finish with only the message of the songs having some questionable elements.

 Working with different producers and artist on this album was relatively okay. The song produced by Fresh which features Peruzzi is one of the poor songs on the album. Because it does not embody who 6ix is. While the song produced by E-Kelly still stands out as one of the best produced songs even though it has been released as single.


Songs like “Wake up”, “Work” and ” You don see am” can be put on replay. However “On a Daily” is one song that has a hit potential because of the vibe. That can also be said of the song that has Sinzu and Dammy Krane. But the song featuring Peruzzi is a flop song because its too much of a Peruzzi vibe than 6ix’s.

Hope you found Introduction to Trapfro Album Review, please leave your own review below.

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