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Kehlani It was Good Until it Wasn’t Album Review

Kehlani Ashley Parrish is a new name to cillacritic entertainment review blog because it is the first time we are reviewing her song on our website. This American RnB pop star who is originally from Oakland, California has release one of the best romantic albums of 2020. This album is a love album and the quality of songs in this album are of the same quality with songs made in the late 90s and early 2000s. There are song that one will get to listen to and the person is turned on. She produced an album that couples are going to love. She does not over do the beats but certainly gave a very detailed attention to the lyrics of her song. Kehlani who is twenty-five years of age is really a bedtime love music maker. It was Good Until it wasn’t Album is an album that we are prescribing for people who have bad love relationship with lovers. A real bedtime love music album.


In the above paragraph, we established a fact that this is a love album. Kehlani used this album to paint lyrical pictures of different love issues. Using fictional autobiographical lyrical pattern, she talks of her different experiences in romantic relationship. “Toxic” which is the first song on this album talks about her relationship with a certain man called Don Julio. In questioning lyrics, she asks he lover why their love is so toxic. Reminiscing on what they have shared over the years, she wonders how their love became so much trouble even when he makes her feel so fulfilled.

Kehlani It was Good Until it Wasn’t Album Review

Teaming up with Troy Lanez, Kehanli makes a song titled “Can I?” The song is about a lady who is asking a lover of hers if she could stop by for the night. Kehlani who sings the part of the lady asking to stop by is told by Troy who plays the part of the man, that she can stop by. In his word, he does not actually care where they made love even if it was her car. “Bad news” is a song about a lady dating a gangster. Kehlani says that she is not ready to receive any call of bad news because of the dirty deals her man is into. Declaring that her man is safe with her, she says she wants to make him give up on all his bad ways and stick with her. She tells him that she is the best type of security he can ever have.

In perhaps the best song on this album, Kehlani sings the most erotic lyrics in this this album titled “Water”. In this song she tells a story of a makeup sex which she received from a lover. In her words, he made her water (aka squirt). According to her, her lover made love to her to make her forget the ill things he said to her during a fight. The lyrics and beat of this song (water) is really interesting. In a song which features Jhene Aiko, Kehlani sings about changing the life her boyfriend. The song is about a lady dating a guy who has much potential but lacking the funds to make it big. Meeting up with Kehlani, she promises him that she can change his life provided he dates her. “Everybody business” is song that has Kehlani sing about two partners who are being influenced by what people say. She asks her man that even if he hears things about her outside, then she should let her explain herself first before taking decisions.

Masego and Kehlani worked together to create a song titled “Hate the club”. The song talks about a lady who hates to be at a club but just had to go so that she can catch a glimpse of her man crush. She even states that she has been hoping to get herself drunk so that she can muster up the courage to go and see him in his house. “Serial lover” is a song that talks about a lady who have been dating and quitting relationships. In her words, she has good intention of staying in relationships but she has unfortunately lived the life of a serial lover. A Serial lover who falls in love deeply and breaks up quickly.

Working with Lucky Danye, they made a song titled “Can you blame me”. This song is a song which talks about a lady who misbehaves because she is madly in love with her man. In her words, she claims that she misbehaves because of what he does to her. In summary, she makes an album that talks of ladies love relationships and how they deal with it. From “Toxic” to “Grieving” which she features James Blake, she made lyrical motion pictures of romantic relationship stories.


This is an album that is going to drag people into relative battle of which is a flop or hits. However, songs like “Water”, “Can I”, “Change your Life”, “Toxic” and “Serial Lover” all have great potentials of becoming hits. This is a good love making album and Kehlani really brought the sound home.

Kehlani It was Good Until it Wasn’t Album Review

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