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At a particular era in Nigerian music, Iyanya was one of the biggest prospects in Nigerian music. A lot of music pundits and analyst fell in love with his music. He became popular with the ladies for his songs, dance steps and well built body. But after two massive years of breakthrough, he began to fall from musical grace. Starting with his romantic breakdown, there was that issue with his record label. Everything added up and Iyanya became another up and coming artist.

Music in Nigeria is all about being consistent. And to be consistent one has to release records and perform in shows. Iyanya has been lacking in these aspects. He has kept releasing song once in a blue moon. He has become a musician who releases songs without any definite plan or goal for his release. Fever is a new song which adds to that list of once in a blue moon sound coming from Iyanya. Unlike Wizkid’s fever, Iyanya sings about having no form of illness because he has a certain lady in his life.


Iyanya is a proven hit maker and that can be heard in this song. He sings about a mistrey lady who clams his nerves with the way she loves him. He explains that since he started dating this lady- that he has not been sick emotionally and physically. He declares that her love does not allow him go anywhere because she totally got him in an horizon of love- claiming that she influences everything he does and experience. Iyanya states that she is his music, medicine and stimulant.


This is an Afropop sound with high influence of Afrobeat. It opens up with with a lead electronic guitar just the way a normal traditional highlife music will start. It is then backed up with an Afrobeat Shaker and later with a ponpon sound bottle sound. Instead of the use congas, Bongos were used to add the African flair into the music with the kick dropping for every bar played.

The string of this beats was kept simple with a Lead, solo and Baseline blending together to give a rich flow. However, there is an underlying base pad/sequence that gives it a kind of feel that an 808 base kick would give to a Rap song. In summary, the beat will make any dance lover to spill his or her skill on the dance floor.


Songs like this are best expressed in a club setting. This song sounds like what a Fela shrine video will make happen. I feel Iyanya should tap into the vast wealth of energetic Nigerian dancers in the making of this video. However, the strength of a good video for this song is dependent on the population of people dancing on the dance floor.

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